League 2 Betting: A Guide to Betting in the Lower Tiers of English Football

League 2 Betting: A Guide to Betting in the Lower Tiers of English Football

League 2 Betting is very popular amongst the hardcore English football fans who follow their local teams and make sure that they tune in or go to their team’s games each and every week.

While the English Premier League naturally gets the majority of the attention at the weekend, the lower tiers are also popular. This is thanks to the extensive television coverage that is in place for even some of the lower tiers of football.

While the best players in the world play in the Premier League, with marquee signings being the norm, the teams in the lower tiers tend to stay more consistent season on season. This allows fans to build up more of a relationship with the players. These aren’t superstars, the players walk around the local towns like any average joe. This makes them more relatable than the leading football players.

There is also a local allegiance to clubs, with the passionate fan base often travelling up and down the country to support the team.

History of English League 2

English League 2 in its current form was created back in 2004. This came as an overall rearranging of the non-Premier League divisions. It saw the First Division becoming known as the Championship. The Second Division then became the English League 1 and the Third Division became English League 2.

The first division in its current form was 2004/2005. Before the beginning of the Premier League in 1992, the English League 2 was known as the Football League Fourth Division.

The Format of the English League 2

In total, 24 teams each season battle it out in the English League 2 in an attempt to gain promotion to League 1. There are 46 games in the standard season, with each team playing one another twice, once at home and once away. For winning a game, the team will be given three points.

If there is a draw, both teams will receive a single point and when a team loses it will not get any points. Naturally, the league table is solely based on this points system, there are no types of bonus points like there are in other sports.

This year the top 3 teams in League 2 are as follows;

  1. Swindon Town
  2. Exeter City
  3. Cheltenham Town

By the end of each season, four teams will get promoted to League 1 and four teams will be relegated down to League 3. The top three teams in the standings will be automatically promoted.

Then the teams that finish from 4th to 7th place in the league table will take part in a playoff series. This sees a two-leg semi-final series, with the winners on aggregate over the two legs meeting each other in the final.

This final is a single game, winner takes all for promotion. There is no play-off for those who finish at the bottom of the table. Simply, the bottom four teams in League 2 will be relegated automatically down to League 3.

If there is a tie on points for a given position on the league table, then there will be a number of other variables that will be looked at to assess which team will be higher in the final standing. There is an order to the various metrics that are looked at, starting with goal difference, total goals scored and then a mini-league between the teams that have finished on the same number of points.

One of the key aspects of English League 2 football is that there is a mandatory wage cap in place. This means that clubs can only spend up to 100% of the club’s turnover on the wages of players.

Betting Tips

The most popular sport to bet on globally is football. There are always games taking place across the world, allowing you to always have the opportunity to place a bet when you want to.

Accumulator Betting in League 2

With the English League 2 games, you will have the opportunity to place bets on each of the respective features. Even though these games are not as popular as the three divisions above this league in English football, there will still be dozens of different markets for you to choose from when betting on a single game.

As these games and the players involved being more obscure than those in higher divisions, there is the chance that you can take advantage of some price mismatches. The bookmakers will not be as well versed in the lower tiers of English football, so you may be able to do enough research that you can gain an edge in your betting.

Bet now on the English League 2.

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