Provably Fair Games: What They Are and How They Work in Online Casinos

Provably Fair Games: What They Are and How They Work in Online Casinos

One of the biggest myths surrounding the gambling industry is that all games are rigged and the house always wins. Of course, this isn't true. In the UK alone, thousands of punters have won tens of thousands of pounds on online slots and millions in jackpots over the years.

Licensed casinos, both online and land-based, undergo strict testing by authorities to ensure players get the same chance of winning as displayed in the game rules.

Still, such myths are difficult to bust. Fortunately, being as innovative as it is, the online gambling industry has figured out a way to allow players to test every single outcome of every single hand they play. Provably Fair Games are here to revolutionise the market!

What are Provably Fair Games

Provably Fair Games are casino games that can come in any shape, size, or genre. Their main feature is that they include a mathematical formula players can use to test the outcome of every spin and every hand they play.

In other words, gambling fans don't have to take the supplier's word for granted but get hard-core evidence of whether the outcome of their bets is legitimate or not.

Such games are easy to find, and you can discover them in many casinos, including those at ( site in 🇵🇱 ). As their popularity grows, so does the number of suppliers that offer them.

The basic guide to Provably Fair Games

Let's take a little look at how these powerful RNGs work in practice. The most common provably fair principle contains three factors:

  • The server seed: Which is generated by the gambling site
  • The client seed: Generated by the player
  • Nonce: The number of rounds played on an online casino game

Seeds are generated as soon as you start betting. They are encrypted to prevent any intervention from either side. Once the results come out, the gambler can use a formula to enter all three variables and the result to see if everything is fair and square.

It is obvious that Provably Fair Games require a higher level of engagement and some thinking, but the new formulas are so easy that all you have to do is enter the data. There is no need for a calculator, as the provided tool will do all the equations.

Advantages of Provably Fair Games

Now let's look at the benefits of playing such games:

  • Players can easily test the results they receive after they place a bet.
  • They help build trust between players and their online casino sites.
  • Provably Fair Games provide full transparency on all occasions, as gamblers can use the formula on both winning and losing bets.
  • Despite the testing process, the provably fair algorithms keep things anonymous. In other words, testing the outcomes won't affect the outcomes of your future bets.
  • The ability to test the outcomes enhances the user experience in the long run.

What grants that Provably Fair Games are really random?

Piotr J. Piasecki, the researcher who wrote a paper on provably fair gambling named Gaming Self-Contained Provably Fair Smart Contract Casinos (download PDF here), explained that the system is pretty much bulletproof.

👉 Provably fair algorithms use data from both parties, the online casino and the player, in a technology similar to blockchain.

The author argues that this “gives each bet an individual outcome when combined with a better source of randomness – to avoid, for example, everyone that bet on a given result winning or losing at the same time”.

However, it is not just technology that guarantees fair outcomes. Gambling authorities do it as well. Popular software suppliers have legalised their business to offer legitimate gambling services to players in certain jurisdictions.

Authorities require them to undergo strict procedures and monitoring, as well as regular testing of all games, including Provably Fair Games.

As long as players choose reliable companies (legitimate online casinos and suppliers), they can be sure no one is meddling with the random number generator and other mechanics that affect the gameplay. Here are some signs that a gambling company is fair:

  • They have a valid licence prominently displayed on the website.
  • The company has an impeccable reputation and is not blacklisted in any jurisdiction.
  • There are clear game rules attached to every title.
  • The software supplier provides an in-depth guide on how to test the outcomes of Provably Fair Games.
  • The online casino has clear terms and conditions and a transparent privacy policy.

These tips for players were suggested to us by Sizzlinghotspot website expert and iGaming market analyst Marta Nowakowska.

How will Provably Fair Games affect the online gambling industry?

Provably Fair Games are already making an impact. If anything, they are forcing online casinos to be more transparent and provide precise and accurate numbers on all games they offer.

👉 Provably Fair Games are educating the masses and helping them become more aware and demanding. Still, Provably Fair Games have to find their way into all online casinos on the market.

They are still not as common as traditional games, but in a way, that makes them only more appealing. Step by step, and year by year, they are gaining prominence, and it is only a matter of time before they become the norm.

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