Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse

Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse

The Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse is a race track that is found in Puerto Rico. It is east of Carolina and San Juan and is close to the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. There have been a number of different owners of the facility since it first opened in 1976.

It is the main facility for horse racing on the island and there are races taking place oftentimes five times per week. Extensive betting takes place at the facility and many notable horses have raced on the track over the decades. It was damaged during the recent Hurricane Maria.

Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for racing at the Hipódromo Camarero is very reasonable, with a couple of dollars usually being the max entry fee. Very often, there is even free admission to the track for some of the race days. It depends on what types of races are taking place on a certain day and how much much prestige a certain race day holds.

Course Details

For the most part, the Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse is a central point for horse racing in Puerto Rico. It has a dirt rack that generally runs well all year rounds. Most weeks, there is racing taking place every day of the week except on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As well as the betting windows that are at the track, there are also betting agencies all across the state where people can place wagers on horse races. Generally, the Hipódromo Camarero races are shown on local television, as well as broadcast on the radio. There have been many famous racing announcers on the island over the years.

Tactics to Consider

Generally, there is a fast pace set at Hipódromo Camarero races, so you want speedier types. The quality of the fields can vary, with some horses just entering to just make up the numbers. Therefore, identifying the handful of contenders before the race is essential when trying to narrow down your betting shortlist.

Track History

It was in 1976 that the facility was first built, opening in October 1976 as a replacement for a track in nearby Carolina that held races between 1957 and 1976. The Hipódromo Camarero is the central point for racing on the island and is a hub for betting. The biggest prize on offer for those betting at the track is through the ‘Pool Pote’ that has gotten as large as $12 million. It is on record as the biggest prize pot that has ever been won through the Puerto Rico Horse Racing Industry.

Many famous jockeys over the years have ridden horses at the Hipódromo Camarero Racecourse, such as JC Diaz, John Velazquez and Angel Cordero. Many notable horses have also run at the track, including winners of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. There have been many local horses that have started their careers at Hipódromo Camarero before going onto great things in the mainland US.

One of the interesting records that Hipódromo Camarero holds is that it is the site of the horse that has recorded the most consecutive losses in a race, with Dona Chepa managing to lose 134 races in a row at the track. The Hipódromo Camarero was also the track for the most notable race that has taken place across the Caribbean in decades.

Biggest Races

The average purse size for races at the Hipódromo Camarero is pretty good all things considered. There is a lot of racing taking place year-round, so there are plenty of betting options. The biggest race to take place at the Hipódromo Camarero also doubles up as the biggest race across the Caribbean.

The Clasico del Caribe takes place every year at the Hipódromo Camarero. It sees horses coming from:

  • Puerto Rico,
  • Jamaica,
  • Trinidad and Tobago,
  • Panama,
  • Mexico,
  • The Dominican Republic,
  • Venezuela and
  • Colombia.

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