Fair Meadows Race Track

Fair Meadows Race Track

The Fair Meadows Race track is a significant race track in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also acts as a betting centre for horse races that are taking place across the country all during the year. The horse racing season at the Fair Meadows Race track usually begins at the start of June and will continue until the end of July.

The facility is at the Expo Square Pavilion at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. Here are other types of racing that take place on these grounds, including certain motorsports.

Ticket Prices

If you are buying tickets to attend racing at the Fair Meadows Race track, the price will generally be pretty low. For a matter of a few dollars, you will get entry and you are able to buy these tickets online if you wish to do so.

Course Details

There is a dirt track at the Fair Meadows Race track and there are usually about 34 different race meetings taking place each year. The track is oval-shaped and it is five furlongs in length. There is no turf track at the facility. There are chutes for the backstretch and on the main stretch. Generally, the thoroughbred races will take place between 4 and 9 furlongs. For sprint races, there are a couple of chutes utilized, with short races being as small as 250 yards.

These races are taking place in June and July for the most part. There is usually a combination of different types of racing taking place. A standard race day will have a dozen different races. Of these races, five will be thoroughbred races, five will be quarter horse races and there will be a couple of Paint/Appaloosa races. A lot of the race meetings will take place in the evenings.

Tactics to Consider

As there is such a variety of different types of horse races that take place at the Fair Meadows Race track, you have to adapt your betting tactics depending on what type of racing you are looking at. Naturally, the shorter races on the good surface will be quick and speedy horses will be preferred. For the longer races, stamina will then become much more of a factor.

Track History

There has been racing taking place at the Fair Meadows Race track for many years. It was previously known as the Tulsa Speedway. However, there have been doubts in recent years about the ability for the track to continue offering live racing as some aspects of the facility are falling into disrepair and attendance levels are dropping.

There was a vote taken in 2013 by the board of the Tulsa State Fair about whether or not live racing should be continued. This came after they decided in 2012 to end racing at the Fair Meadows Race track, but the decision at the time was overturned. This was due to an agreement that had been in place with the horsemen associations in the area.

If the track had proceeded at the time to cancel live racing, this will see the local Cherokee, Osage and Creek tribes not being able to have gaming machines. This would see $2 million worth of revenues that these tribes give to the board from the tribes. It was in 2019 that a state of the art paddock and barn area was developed at the track.

Biggest Races

There are many different types of races that take place at the Fair Meadows Race track. As a result, there are races with smaller purses and then there are bigger, more lucrative races. Generally, the prize money starts at $5,000 and it increases across each breed division for the various strakes races. The two most notable races each season are the Derby and the Futurities.

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