Online Casinos With the Best Free Spins

Online Casinos With the Best Free Spins

Free spins are a great way to dip your toes into the world of online gambling or even give a new casino a try. They allow you to take a shot at a jackpot without making a deposit or having to use any of your own money.

Still, not every casino offers a free spins promotion, so it can be hard to find one—unless you know where to look. If you're interested in free stuff and you enjoy slots, then this is the guide for you.

Here's how to find the online casinos with the best free spins.

Finding a good online casino

Finding a reputable online casino these days might be challenging with the many choices available. If you want to avoid getting scammed and losing your money before you even start betting, make sure you pay close attention to the following things.

Verify an operator's gaming licence

Be sure to play exclusively on sites that present a legitimate licence from a well-known gaming authority. Some online casinos will create fake licences or even display badges of reputable regulatory agencies, hoping to dupe players into thinking it's a safe and secure site.

Always go to the licence issuer's website and double-check using their online registry that the website you are playing at actually has a licence and is operating legally.

To add to that, some sites will create similar-looking domains to further trick users. Always verify that the online casino you are going to use has the same domain and URL as the one listed on the licence.

You are usually better off directly copy-and-pasting the URL listed on the licence just to be safe.

The regulatory authorities will often also post news articles announcing new licences, revoking old licences, or saying that they have no connection to a site, as the MGA has done here with an operator making false and misleading claims.

Keep an eye out for any announcements regarding the sites you play on or plan to play at to stay up-to-date.

Game variety

What's life without a little variety? With thousands of different slots and table games out there, you shouldn't limit yourself to an online casino that only offers a dozen.

Take a moment and look through the catalogue of games at the online casino and make sure that it has games that look enticing. If the casino offers free demos, give a few games a try.

This is a great way to give the online casino a test run before depositing money. Most casinos don't let you reverse a deposit without wagering the money first, which can be disastrous should you lose the bet.

Customer service

Customer service is crucial in the world of online gambling. When you're betting your hard-earned money, you want to know that someone is at the helm, ready to help you should anything go wrong.

Look for sites with multiple avenues for contacting customer support, preferably one with a 24/7 live chat. You never know when a problem will arise, and knowing that someone will always be there to help will give you peace of mind.

Looking for free spins

Now that you know how to find a good, quality online casino, you can start looking for casinos with free spins. In order for a casino to offer free spins, they have to offer slot machines.

You can immediately disregard any sites solely catering to poker, sports betting, or live dealer games. Look for sites that focus on slot machines. There aren't too many promotions a casino can run regarding slot machines, so they're bound to offer some form of a free spin bonus.

Some sites will only offer free spins if you make a deposit, with the number of free spins being directly related to your deposit amount. Other sites might offer free spins to any new players who sign up with a valid phone number.

You can also sign up for bonuses like free spins and other promos to be sent directly to your inbox.

Whatever the free spin bonus is, just make sure you read the fine print. There might be some other requirements you have to meet before you can use the free spins. Likewise, there is almost certainly a turnover requirement that you must meet.

Understanding turnover requirements

Turnover requirements, also known as wagering requirements, are fairly common and found at just about any online casino. These are most often tied to bonuses and promotions, as the casino doesn't want you to take the bonus and run without wagering it first.

Turnover requirements can vary from casino to casino but just know that any cash won from a free spin has to be wagered the same number of times as listed in the turnover requirement before it can be withdrawn.

This means that if your free spin bonus comes with a turnover requirement of 5x, you must wager those ten pounds you won on a free spin five times before it can be withdrawn. Any subsequent winnings may also have a turnover requirement as well.

If you attempt to withdraw your funds before you have met the requirement, your entire withdrawal can be blocked.

Most casinos will clearly tell you how much is eligible for withdrawal, but you can always reach out to customer support if you are unsure how much of your wallet is withdrawable.

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