Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball
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Bingo Bingo
Up to £1 million
Ticket prices:
From 25p
On Buzz Bingo
90 Ball, 0.10 per ticket, £1 million jackpot, 5% of profits go towards charity,


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So many people enjoy playing bingo for a number of different reasons. Whether it is sitting in a bingo hall or playing online, everything from the excitement of playing to the people you meet along the way all adds to the overall experience.

The lure of being in with a chance of winning some decent sums of money is also a factor for a lot of bingo players. Lottery-style elements started to get introduced into online bingo games in recent years to add to the level of excitement. Some games now offer you the chance to win seven-figure sums when you get a full house within a certain number of calls.


How to play

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball is a game of that ilk and the latest iteration in this genre. As well as the massive potential jackpot, the game speed is sped up to allow for people to maximize their playing opportunities during a particular session. This review looks at the core aspects of the Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball version.

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball Features

Bingo Millions Turbo is a 90-Ball variant and will usually cost 0.10 per ticket. This title will be playable around the clock, which is ideal. The big jackpot is 1 million in size, which can be achieved if you manage to get a full house in between the 15 and 30 first calls of the game.

Another great aspect of this game is that 5% of all of its profits will go towards charity.

Fast Gameplay

The gameplay in Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball is very fast and there are a lot of elements that make it feel similar to a lot of the instant win games that are on the market today.

You will have the chance to purchase as many as 120 tickets for each Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball game. For new players, buying a ticket or two will usually be sufficient as you will want to learn the ropes of this type of game.

The calling out of the numbers is a lot faster than normal online bingo games, as this is a turbo variant. The gap between calls is only about 10 seconds. You will get prizes if you manage to match numbers of one line, two lines, or strike a full house.

Huge Wins Possible

The prizes will start from 0.25 and go all of the ways up to 1 million. A one-line win needs to occur inside of the first 35 calls, with two-line wins taking place within 60 calls.

Finally, you need to get a full house with no more than 75 calls.


Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball is a game that brings massive excitement to proceedings as it is a millionaire maker. Countless people play this game every day to be in with a chance of hitting it big.

As this is a turbo game, the time between calls is very small, allowing you to play plenty of games during your playing session. Ticket prices are fine at 0.10 per ticket and there is a lot of excitement involved as you strive to be in with a chance of getting the 1 million jackpot.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball online?

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball can be played at the following online Operators: Buzz Bingo

Who developed the game Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball?

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball?

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball on?

Bingo Millions Turbo 90-Ball can be played on


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