Mega Bingo Millions
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10 million!
Return to Player:
90-ball bingo, Traditional 15 number tickets, Plenty of Prize options, Huge jackpot


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Value bingo games and themed titles are terrific for passing the time, but for those serious 90-ball players out there the high-value Mega Bingo Millions variants are at the very top of the bingo tree.

While other large prizes are available, what catches our eye is the Mega Bingo Millions Jackpot which stands at an astonishing 10 million!

Tickets are available for just 1 credit each or 5 credits for six, meaning smaller players are not priced out of the game either making this a game that really can make dreams come true.

Prizes come in from 1 credit for a line within 35 calls, right up to that amazing 10 million and there are plenty more in between too.

How to play

The 90-ball Mega Bingo Millions offers huge prizes, but remains very simple to take part in. Simply select the number of tickets you wish to buy at 1 credit each (buy five, get one free), along with how many different draws you want to be entered into.

Mega Bingo Millions Features

Tickets contain 15 numbers (from 1-90) on a traditional grid with never more than five numbers on a line.

Your numbers are marked off automatically as each game takes place, and if you happen to win then your money is again automatically placed into your bingo account so there is very little for a player to have to think about!

There is nothing more complicated to know about the game than this. There is no theme or narrative – this is a straightforward, traditional 90-ball game taking things right back to the old school. Mega Bingo Millions is all about the prizes, not the story.

Prizes Available

Returns are given out from 1 credit right up to an incredible 10 million. Everything depends on whether you are shouting for a line, two lines or a full house and within how many calls you achieve it. The more tickets you buy, the greater chance you have. Here’s what you can win:

  • Full House – 5 credits (within 66-70 calls), 10 credits (61-65), 20 credits (56-60), 40 credits (51-55), 200 credits (46-50), 500 credits (41-45), 5,000 credits (36-40), 50,000 credits (31-35), 10 million credits (15-30)
  • 2 Lines – 5 credits (within 51-55 calls), 10 credits (46-50), 20 credits (41-45), 40 credits (36-40), 100 credits (31-35), 200 credits (26-30), 1,000 credits (21-25), 2,000 credits (15-20), 20,000 credits (10-14)
  • 1 Line – £1 (within 31-35 calls), 5 credits (26-30), 20 credits (21-25), 40 credits (15-20), 100 credits (10-14), 1,000 credits (5-9)

Although it’s a rare event, should there be no winner of a full house inside 70 pulls, the game is ‘simulated’ beyond the 70th call until the first ticket satisfies full house conditions.

Return to Player

Within the general game i.e., for completing a line or getting a full house, the RTP percentage remains above 80% which is standard for an online bingo game.


We love not only the fact that prizes in Mega Bingo Millions are huge, but that the game stays true to traditional bingo values.

Pay for your tickets, mark off your card and hope for the best with prizes potentially changing your life!

Game FAQ

Where can I play Mega Bingo Millions online?

Mega Bingo Millions can be played at the following online Operators: Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

Who developed the game Mega Bingo Millions?

Mega Bingo Millions has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Mega Bingo Millions?

Mega Bingo Millions is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Mega Bingo Millions on?

Mega Bingo Millions can be played on


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