Heavy Weight Bingo
offered by Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

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Full House!
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90-Ball game, 3x9 grid, Single strips with six tickets, Bonus features


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Available to play for free or for real cash, Heavy Weight Bingo is one of the many 90-ball bingo variations available online now.

You can play at many places online, including Crown Bingo.

The basic rules are very simple, it has a fun element, and it can be played via mobile if you prefer so there is plenty to like about Heavy Weight Bingo!

How to play

Heavy Weight Bingo is a 90-ball game, so for those used to most traditional bingo games (online or otherwise), will know how this all works right from the start.

Heavy Weight Bingo Features

The first step is to buy your Heavy Weight tickets. All cards are formed of a 3×9 grid, each line of 9 boxes containing five numbers and four blanks.

As usual column one has number from 1-9, column two has 10-19 and so on until we reach column nine which features number ranging from 80-90.

Heavy Weight Bingo is played using a single strip featuring six tickets, used for each round of the game. All 90 numbers feature, split across the six tickets for each player.

Numbers are drawn at random from the machine, or from the computer in this case, from 1-90 at a reasonable pace allowing all players to mark called numbers from their cards.

You can of course choose to have your cards marked automatically so there is nothing for you to do, though the pace isn’t too challenging.

Bonus Features

Given that the premise of Heavy Weight Bingo is so basic, which of course has its good points, it needs a bonus feature or two to stand out but luckily it does possess them.

For starters, a good point of the game is that in every round there can be three different winners. One line, two lines and a full house can all net you a prize.

To win the one-line prize, you will simply need to cover all the numbers on a single row of any one of your six tickets. To win two lines, you’ll need to do the same but twice over.

For the big full house prize you will need to cover off all of your numbers on three rows of any one of your six cards.

There is unfortunately no progressive jackpot in Heavy Weight Bingo, and while that is a shame, it at least does stick to real bingo traditions which is what some players want.

Return to Player

Taken across all participating players over a full month, the average Return to Player percentage tops 80% in Heavy Weight Bingo. This is standard for an online, 90-ball bingo game and keeps things fair.

Of course, your own chances of winning really depend on how lucky you are when you play!


With your musical or story-telling entertainment provided elsewhere while you play, you may well want your bingo to be as traditional and easy to play as possible.

If that’s the case, Heavy Weight Bingo is for you. Sticking to basic 90-ball rules, Heavy Weight Bingo doesn’t distract you with crazy variations and keeps to age-old bingo principles.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Heavy Weight Bingo online?

Heavy Weight Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

Who developed the game Heavy Weight Bingo?

Heavy Weight Bingo has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Heavy Weight Bingo?

Heavy Weight Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Heavy Weight Bingo on?

Heavy Weight Bingo can be played on


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