Blackjack Neo
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Blackjack 3:2, normal hand 1:1
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Relax Gaming
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iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile
American style Blackjack, Cards 2 - 10 face value, Ace 1 or 11


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Blackjack fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to different variants of the game in online casinos. You can chop and change depending on your mood on a given day. One type of blackjack that has been getting more attention in recent times is Blackjack Neo, brought to you by Relax Gaming.

This is a game that has plenty of features, as well as offering a very immersive experience. One of the highlights of this title is that there is an indicator built into the game which advises you on the best move at that given time. Therefore, it is particularly a good fit for new blackjack players.


How to play

An American style has been used in developing this title, with a lot of decks in play and the dealer having the ability to peak at the turned-down card in order to check if they have a blackjack. Another interesting feature is that you are able to play three different hands at the same time, meaning that you are able to squeeze in plenty of action.

The animations are pretty seamless and there is a lot of suspense throughout thanks to the double dark feature.

Rules of Blackjack Neo

A lot of the rules you will see with Blackjack Neo will be similar to what you would find with a more classic variant of the game. The goal is still to get as close as possible to a 21-hand total without going over this target. All cards from 2 to 10 will have their face value, with face cards having a 10-value and an ace being available to use as a 1 or 11.

All of the usual functions are available, including the option to double hands after splitting them. The dealer will have to hit if they have a hand value of 16 or less. They will not be hitting on a soft 17. The dealer will be able to peak their face-down card to see if they have blackjack. There is no surrender option in play in Blackjack Neo, but you can get insurance if needed.

In terms of RTP, Blackjack Neo has a payout rate of 99.6%, meaning that it is one of the best in the business. There is the minimal house edge and this is why it is a fan favourite. Blackjacks are paid out at a normal rate of 3:2, while a normal hand win will be worth 1:1. Four decks will be in play and no re-splits are allowable.


Blackjack Neo has a lot of cool and exciting features to it. The ability to play multiple hands at the same time and access to a best hand feature are standout aspects. There is also a minimal house edge, which means that you will be on the right track if you are looking to have a profitable experience.

There are many online casinos that offer Blackjack Neo as an option. The folks at have extensively tested the leading options and reviewed them. You can use these reviews to figure out which option is going to be the ideal fit for your situation.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Blackjack Neo online?

Blackjack Neo can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game Blackjack Neo?

Blackjack Neo has been developed by the software provider Relax Gaming

What type of game is Blackjack Neo?

Blackjack Neo is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Blackjack Neo on?

Blackjack Neo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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