Crazy Pachinko Live
offered by Casumo, PlayOJO, Lord Ping

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Slots and Pachinko
Huge potential for big wins
Live Dealer, Slots Qualification Phase, Optional XXXtreme Spins, Pachinko Bonus Round, Multipliers (Scatters, Top-Up, Pachinko Wall), High Win Potential


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Crazy Pachinko Live is an innovative game show experience from Evolution Gaming that blends the thrill of pachinko with the excitement of live casino.

It offers a unique fusion of slots, bonus rounds, and a captivating live dealer, making it a fast-paced and visually stimulating adventure.

Your objective is to qualify for a thrilling live bonus round by collecting scatters, and then navigate a virtual pachinko wall for a chance to win big with the help of dynamic multipliers.


How to play

Your hard work is required in the qualification round. Once qualified you can pretty much sit back and watch the show whilst your winnings are determined.

  1. Find a Seat: Look for Crazy Pachinko Live at an online casino that offers Evolution Gaming titles.
  2. Place Your Bet: Choose your preferred bet amount before each game round.
  3. The Qualification Phase: This phase is where the slot machine action kicks in. Spin the reels to collect scatter symbols. Landing three scatters secures your entry into the electrifying Pachinko Bonus Round.
  4. XXXtreme Spins (Optional): Some casinos offer an XXXtreme Spins option. This allows you to pay extra for spins that guarantee at least one scatter symbol, accelerating your qualification but at a higher cost.
  5. The Top-Up Phase (Optional): Once you qualify for the bonus round, you have the option to enter the Top-Up Phase. This brief slot machine-style mini-game allows you to gamble for even higher multipliers that will be applied to your final Pachinko win. Remember, the Top-Up phase has a slightly lower payout rate than the main game.
  6. The Pachinko Bonus Round: This is the heart of the action! Here, a live dealer oversees a virtual pachinko wall with 16 landing zones. A puck is dropped from the top of the wall, bouncing through pins until it lands in one of the zones.

Each zone boasts a pre-determined multiplier, ranging from a tempting 10x your bet to a staggering 200x!

Multiplier Mayhem: This is where the excitement truly explodes! All the multipliers you’ve collected throughout the game come into play:

  • Any scatter multipliers you earned in the Qualification Phase.
  • Any additional multipliers you gambled for in the Top-Up Phase (if you participated).

These multipliers are all combined with the multiplier you land on in the Pachinko wall, potentially leading to colossal wins!

Collect Your Winnings: If the pachinko puck lands on a winning zone, you’ll be awarded a payout based on your initial bet and the combined multipliers.


Multipliers are a core element that significantly enhance the potential payouts in Crazy Pachinko Live. Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

  • Scatter Multipliers: These multipliers are attached to some of the scatter symbols you collect during the Qualification Phase. They are added to your overall multiplier pool for the Pachinko Bonus Round.
  • Top-Up Phase Multipliers:If you choose to participate in the Top-Up Phase, you can potentially win additional multipliers. These are then combined with your other multipliers for the Pachinko round.
  • Pachinko Wall Multipliers: Each zone on the pachinko wall has a pre-determined multiplier, ranging from 10x to a whopping 200x your bet. Landing the puck on a high multiplier zone can significantly boost your final payout.
  • Combined Multipliers: The true excitement unfolds when all your collected multipliers are combined. This includes scatter multipliers, Top-Up Phase multipliers (if applicable), and the multiplier you land on in the Pachinko wall. This culmination can lead to substantial wins, multiplying your initial stake by a potentially massive margin.


Crazy Pachinko Live combines slots and pachinko in a live casino game show. Collect scatters to access a bonus round where a puck lands in a multiplier zone, determining winnings based on your bet and collected multipliers. A live dealer enhances the excitement, but remember to play responsibly as it’s a fast-paced, RNG-based game. Enjoy the thrilling pachinko action!

Read more about Crazy Pachinko Live by Evolution.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Crazy Pachinko Live online?

Crazy Pachinko Live can be played at the following online Operators: Casumo, PlayOJO, Lord Ping

Who developed the game Crazy Pachinko Live?

Crazy Pachinko Live has been developed by the software provider Evolution Gaming

What type of game is Crazy Pachinko Live?

Crazy Pachinko Live is categorised as Live Casino

What devices can I play Crazy Pachinko Live on?

Crazy Pachinko Live can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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