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Also stylised as eSports or e-Sports, this form of competition surrounds players competing on video games. Tournaments worth millions of pounds are now a regular thing. In fact, there is even a gaming BAFTA to recognise the best players.

eSports are so popular that winning games is no longer just fun. Nor is it down to the luck of the draw. As such, most major sportsbooks and online bookmakers offer odds on the major matches and tournaments.

Most Popular eSports Events

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite is among the most popular games on the planet. In fact, its own World Cup is the most hotly anticipated eSports event of the year. Also, there’s a total prize pool of a huge £80 million so it is massively competitive.

The International

The annual world championship is effectively for the popular game DOTA2. Players eagerly await the International. It attracts a massive number of participants with the winners collecting as much as £12 million.

League of Legends World Championship

As you’d expect, this is the annual world championship for League of Legends, another of the world’s most popular games. Hosted by Riot Games, 24 teams from 14 different countries will compete.

Capcom Cup

For those who love fighting games, this is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. The Capcom Cup has been on the go since 2013. It’s a 16-32 player tournament setup and participants must win smaller events in order to qualify.


How to play

eSports Betting Odds

Bet types on eSports are fairly simple, with these being the most popular:

Match Betting

Just as in any sport, straight up odds are offered for the win, i.e., Winstrike (2/1) vs Team Unique (5/6).

Match Lines

Within this section you can pick a handicap bet such as SANDBOX Gaming (3/1 to win or 1/1 at +1.5 on the handicap). As well, you can bet on the winner of each section of a game, such as map winners on games like Call of Duty.

What About the eSports Betting Terminology?

As above, things are simple here if not in the game terminology itself but within the related betting markets. Most games have ‘maps’ available to win, forming part of the wagering outlook:

  • Lines – you can bet on match betting and match lines here, and there’s some good handicap markets available if you know your players.
  • Match Markets – as well as the basic win market, within this section you may be able to pick out an alternative handicap bet, choosing a bigger differential between the teams or players if you’re confident.
  • Map Betting – within fighting games, map betting can allow you to bet on the race to a certain number of kills for example.

Tips for Betting on eSports

It helps if you know some of the players involved or follow them on social media of course. But the best way to approach betting on eSports is to stick to the basics. Betting without gaming experience of your own is not a good idea, as there will be elements of games you don’t understand. So basic match betting or handicap betting when you believe you know who the better players are can pay dividends.

eSports Betting Offers

This betting area is simply too young to have its own regular, recommendable bonuses. But a good new-customer offer or free bet can still pay off if you know what you’re doing.

Place Your eSports Bets Now with

This is such a niche area, but if you’re one of the few who has good knowledge of eSports then you can put it to good use by betting on games via our recommended bookmakers now! Check out!


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