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Cricket is one of the oldest and most thrilling bat-and-ball games around. It’s popular much in the same way that baseball encapsulates millions of Americans. However, the sport’s niche is that it can be played in a variety of formats.

Test cricket is slow and doesn’t lend itself to betting much. Whereas, one-day and especially Twenty20 matches are great for live, in-play betting.

Cricket’s Biggest Betting Events

The sport is split into test cricket over five days, one-day cricket at 50 overs each, and Twenty20 cricket with just 20 overs each. And so, the international scene is huge for betting. Here are the most bet on competitions:

World Cup

The premier one-day cricket tournament for international sides. Matches take place in one day, with each team batting up to 50 overs.

Champions Trophy

Another international one-day tournament, much like the World Cup itself.

Twenty20 World Cup

Again for all international teams, this time in the shortest form of the game. Hence, it’s fast and exciting and lends itself well to spot betting.

The Ashes

Several international teams play five-day test matches. However, only England and Australia play the Ashes. In fact, it’s the oldest and biggest test cricket rivalry in the world.


How to play

What You Can Bet on in Cricket

Of course, you can bet on all matches in the same way as you would football. For example, home team, away team, or draw. But spot bets, or props as they may be known around the world, allow punters to have fun while the game is going on. That’s instead of waiting for the end result. Here are the most popular:

Match Handicap

Like any high-scoring points game, a handicap can be introduced. So, if the layers put England as slight favourites against Australia, they may make the handicap like this:

England -1.5 wickets / -4.5 runs 8/11
Australia +1.5 wickets / +4.5 runs 1/1

What About Cricket Betting Terminology?

You may see some of these listed as betting options. Here’s what they mean:

  • Most Match Fours – hitting the ball to the boundary for 4 or 6 runs is the name of the game in one-day cricket. A popular bet now is backing the perceived most prolific team to his the most.
  • Next Wicket Method – the next batsman can be out in a variety of ways with punters able to bet on whether they’ll be bowled, caught, stumped, etc.
  • Total Runs by Over – with each 6-ball over that takes place, bettors can wager on how many runs will be scored.
  • To Win the Toss – a coin toss takes place to determine who bats first and who bowls. This is seen as crucial depending on weather and pitch conditions.

Tips for Betting

Cricket can be complex, so it is important first of all for you to stick with the areas you truly understand. For that reason, bet carefully on this sport. Listen to the experts who will be giving you advice without knowing it. Furthermore, if you’re betting live, don’t be too taken by large odds on a team as they will drastically decrease the second a wicket falls.

Typical Betting Offers

Cricket offers aren’t always forthcoming, but look out for any deals surrounding world cups or major tournaments. Stick with a bookmaker offering live streaming to ensure you get the most out of any new customer bonus you may receive.

Place Your Bets with Now!

Now you know that cricket can be thrilling. Also, if you know your stuff, you can grab some good value bets on the sports in-play. So, bet on these now with any of our recommended online bookmakers.


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