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American football was once the domain only of those watching from the States. But now it’s enjoying ever-increasing popularity around the world. Particularly in the UK where it plays several of its NFL regular-season games each year.

However, betting on the sport can be thrilling too. So we’ve put something together for you to help you along in that regard!

Major American Football Events

American football is becoming increasingly popular and is played in the UK. however, the biggest betting events, of course, are staged Stateside. The NFL (National Football League) is the premier competition.

That is when the two best teams from the end of season play-offs head to the Super Bowl in early February. Also popular are the college games in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), which draw huge crowds.


How to play

Types of American Football Bets Available

Game Lines

The numbers attached to each team in a game represent different lines available. The first numbers are regarding the point spread, i.e. one team is favoured so have to start on a minus. The second is the total points expected, i.e. over/under and the third is the money line which takes away the spread and concerns only who will win the game. They look like this:

Team: Baltimore Ravens Miami Dolphins
Spread: +8.0 10/11 -8.0 10/11
Total: Over 37 10/11 Under 37 10/11
Money Line: 53/20 10/33


Futures are known as ante-post in the UK. They are the advance odds of an outright win in a given competition for a specific team, i.e. for the Super Bowl, it may read: Kansas City Chiefs 13/2, Baltimore Ravens 15/2, San Francisco 49ers 8/1, etc.

American Football Terms You Should Know

The above bet types are the most important. But you may also see such terms as these used and it’s good to learn more about them:

  • The Point Spread – if on the spread the Denver Broncos are -12.5 and you think they will win by more than this, then you back them and if they should win by 13 points or more your bet is successful.
  • Totals – you bet here on the total number of points in the game scored by both teams combined, so if you back under 49.5 and the score finishes for example 25-20 (45 points), you win.
  • Money Line – a simple ‘win’ bet with the handicap or spread taken into account, so if you back the 49ers on the money line and they win by any score at all then you collect.
  • Teasers – these bets take into account the point spread and the totals, meaning you can alter the line in your favour. If you see the Ravens at -8.5 you can change this by six points, for example, making them -2.5 so now they only have to win by 3 for you to score. This means lower odds of course.
  • Futures – these are season-long bets, for example, the Broncos to win their conference at 4/1 or the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl at 14/1.

Tips for Betting on American Football

The trick is not to bet blind. For instance, if your knowledge of American football is not up to scratch, read some reputable columns. Also, take note of what the professionals have to say. But above all, always try to get value for your bets.

If what you’ve researched leads you to believe the New England Patriots, for example, could win by 20 points or more and they are available at -14.5 on the spread, it seems like a good bet.

Betting Offers

As with any sports, specific offers are regularly promoted by various online bookmakers for NFL games. So look out for free bets, enhanced odds, and accumulator insurance among other things.

Place Your Bets Now with!

You can wager on American football with more confidence than ever now and it is even safer and more secure to do so via any of our recommended online bookmakers.


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