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Gaelic Games are the national sports in Ireland. That is, the main sports played there are Gaelic football and hurling. These are vastly different games that celebrate Irish culture and heritage. They fall under the remit of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). They also have clubs all across the world. There are also extensive betting options for the bigger games in the Gaelic Games calendar.

Major Events

All Ireland Hurling Championship – Every year, the most prestigious event in hurling is the All Ireland Championship. This sees all of the country’s best county representative teams battle it out for the Liam McCarthy Cup.

All Ireland Football Championship – The best county representative teams battle it out each season in Gaelic Football to be crowned as the senior All Ireland champions. This is a prestigious trophy, with games often being highly competitive.


How to play

Types of Gaelic Games Sports Betting Odds

The type of betting markets you will find for Gaelic Games are similar to those seen in football. For example, the match-winner and handicap markets are very popular. You will then have the goalscorer markets, as well as the correct score and over/under market.

There is prop betting, allowing you to bet on a certain player getting a yellow card for example during a game. There are also extensive futures betting for the bigger competitions. In addition, there are futures for the individual awards that come at the end of the season, such as the Player of the Year honour.

Important Gaelic Games Betting Terms

A lot of the terminology associated with Gaelic Games betting is similar to watch you will see with football. Either way, it is good to brush up on this terminology if you are unsure.

  • Draw No Bet – This is a market that sees you choose the winner of a given game. If this game ends in a draw, you will then get your stake returned to you.
  • Over/Unders – This market allows you to bet against or in favour of a certain eventuality taking place in a game. For example, you may think that there will be over 2 goals scored in a game. So, you take the over portion of the bet.
  • Anytime goalscorer – This market is as it sounds. That is, you are betting on a specific player scoring at any stage during the game as opposed to being the first goalscorer only.

Tips for Gaelic Games Betting

The bigger clashes during the Gaelic Games season will attract a lot of attention from bookmakers when setting the odds. Therefore, the value is often in the smaller games that do not get as much attention. That’s because there is often better value in the prices.

As Ireland is a small place, inside knowledge can often be relied upon when betting on Gaelic Games giving you an inside track on a key player potentially being injured or hearing that there is trouble in the camp of a given team.

Gaelic Games Sports Betting and Offers

While not every sports betting site will cater for Gaelic Games betting or have much of an offering, there are some that put a lot of time into it. This is mainly the bookmakers which originate from Ireland.

At, you can see which bookmakers have the best Gaelic Games offering. And also which have the best offers for you to avail of in this regard.


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