Paper Bingo
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Fixed Jackpot, win up to 50,000 times ticket price
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iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile
50-ball game, Potential to win 50,000 your ticket price, Fun social chatrooms

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We’re always on the lookout for funky bingo games with something unique to offer, hard of course in this genre, but it has been achieved by Paper Bingo.

Just like so many penny bingo games, Paper Bingo is a multi-stake game which is aimed at players using smartphones and tablets, although it of course can be played on other devices too.

Not a single-ticket game, those using Paper Bingo can buy 1 – 5 tickets depending on their preference and at a very low cost too (0.01 – 0.10).

A 50-ball game, Paper Bingo produces tickets with just 5 numbers on each meaning there is no opportunity to buy a full strip, but the rewards for jackpot winners are great and the social element is key in this game with chat rooms open on every round enabling players to interact.


How to play

Paper Bingo’s purple theme will catch your eye from the start. In this game you can choose from Tracing paper, Wrapping paper or Tissue. Each of the different rooms have a chat function to enable you to talk with other players while you can choose a stake you’re comfortable with for the next game.

The basic aim in Paper Bingo is to call one of your own strips before anybody else in your game, winning anything up to 5,000. There are chat moderators within the game to help you along as you play.

How to Play Paper Bingo

Each ticket within the game is a different colour, with the numbers being displayed from the top. Unlike traditional bingo which has a rule to what numbers you are given, Paper is more random with any combination of numbers potentially showing up on your ticket.

The colours are only really there to help you to distinguish between tickets, with the main purpose being to call any one of your purchased strips before the other players.

If you do call a win from one of the two fixed jackpots, you can win 50,000 times your ticket price if your numbers come out within 5 calls, or 10,000 times your ticket price if it happens within 6 calls. Simple!

Tickets are priced up very competitively versus other similar games within the ‘penny bingo’ genre, at 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 and 0.10 per ticket meaning a 6-call win will net you 100 – 1,000.

Return to Player

Although it began with an RTP of some 92% and over, Paper has been adjusted to fit wit in line with many other similar games at around 80%.


The main pull about this game is that it is incredibly reasonably priced. Players being able to buy tickets from as little as 0.01 is a major draw, with its value for money being rounded off by the fact that for such small stakes you could win 100, 1,000 or even 5,000 which is excellent for a game that is as important as a social meeting point as anything else.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Paper Bingo online?

Paper Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: tombola bingo, tombola arcade

Who developed the game Paper Bingo?

Paper Bingo has been developed by the software provider Tombola

What type of game is Paper Bingo?

Paper Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Paper Bingo on?

Paper Bingo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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