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Launched in autumn 2019, Potion Bingo is one of the newer releases from leading operator Tombola, and it’s the bingo game offering a ghoulish twist all year long and not just at Halloween! There are four themed rooms for you to choose from: Toad, Owl, Mouse and Cat.

As well as the three prizes you can win within the game, there are three jackpots up for grabs, which can be as high as 10,000 credits. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete one of a hat-trick of recipes for Youth, Wisdom or Love. You receive your ingredients as the numbers are called, and there is a prize and jackpot for each of the potions.


How to play

Choose Cat, Owl or Toad and then click on your chosen ticket price, clicking ‘Buy’ and then ‘Confirm’, to be in the game. Tickets cost from 0.05 to 2 credits, and the price helps determine the size of the prize you can win.

Numbers show up on the cauldron as they’re called. There are 45 balls, 18 numbers and three cards you need to complete, but Potion Bingo isn’t played in the same way as conventional bingo.

There are 18 potion ingredient bottles, each of which has a number between 1 and 45. You also have three potion recipes to complete, as follows:

  • Youth – two each of roots and honey
  • Love – two each of dragons, roses and toadstools
  • Wisdom – one snake, three beetles and four crystals

Each of the bottles has a separate ingredient, and, after its number is called, that particular ingredient goes into the cauldron and will be ticked off the relevant recipe.

For completing each recipe first, there is a separate prize. The Wisdom prize is roughly two-thirds of the total, and the Love award around two-thirds of what remains. Whatever’s left constitutes the Youth reward.

Potion Bingo Special Features


For each recipe, there is also a jackpot. Collect all the ingredients you need to complete a recipe within a particular number of calls and you bag the jackpot for that recipe. There’s even more good news – you won’t have to share the prize if another player happens to win at the same time as you!

There’s a 500x stake as a jackpot for completing the Youth recipe in five calls or fewer, a 1250x stake for finishing the Love recipe in nine calls or under, and a whopping 10,000x stake for completing the Wisdom recipe in a dozen calls or under.

Return to Player (RTP)

With all of Tombola’s bingo games, Return to Player, or RTP, is guaranteed to be a minimum of 80%. (According to one reviewer it has dropped from 90% since launch).  That’s clearly not as high as you’d enjoy in a slot game; nonetheless, it’s pretty standard for bingo.

Chat Feature

As ever, this is a key part of the fun to be enjoyed while playing bingo. Tombola’s chat moderators are on hand to answer any questions you may have.


We reckon you’ll particularly love this game if you’re a Halloween aficionado and adore spooky goings-on! Even if you’re not a fan of all things witchy, you should enjoy the novel twist here. So grab your book of spells, hop on your broomstick and take Potion Bingo for a spin – and tell us what you though.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Potion Bingo online?

Potion Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: tombola bingo, tombola arcade

Who developed the game Potion Bingo?

Potion Bingo has been developed by the software provider Tombola

What type of game is Potion Bingo?

Potion Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Potion Bingo on?

Potion Bingo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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