The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks
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Top prize:
£1 million
Tuesday and Friday's 9 pm
Win up to £1 million, Tickets only £1.50, Five tier prize structure, Two draws per week


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Launched in January 2018, HotPicks from the National Lottery’s international EuroMillions offering uses the same drawn numbers (apart from the Lucky Star). The basic idea is that each player can choose how many numbers they want to try and match. This game follows the same principles as the HotPicks game from Lotto.

Prizes are fixed, and with a top award of £1m (for matching all numbers), there’s everything to play for. (What’s more, if you win the million you won’t have to share it with anyone else.) Become a millionaire by matching fewer numbers, or you could win a tidy £1,500 just by matching three numbers.


How to play

Regardless of how many numbers you’ve picked, it costs £1.50 to play.

Just choose how many numbers (between one and five) you want to aim to match, and then pick them. Remember, these are the same numbers that are drawn in the EuroMillions game. You’ll also need to decide your draw days and the number of weeks you wish to play. You can play up to four weeks in advance – and then you’re good to go!

As usual with National Lottery games, you can pick your own numbers or use the Lucky Dip feature so that it’s done for you randomly.

Draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 9 pm, and tickets are accepted until 7.30 pm on the night for each particular draw. Delayed entries are automatically included in the next draw.

EuroMillions HotPicks prize structure

The EuroMillions HotPicks prize structure is made up of five tiers. Pick and match five main numbers for that life-changing £1m top prize. Do the same for four main numbers and you bank a very-nice-thank-you £30,000. For picking and matching three main numbers, it’s £1,500.

Pick and match a couple of main numbers to win £100, and, finally, do it with just a single main number to bag a tenner.

Odds vary from 1 in 10 for matching a single number, to 1 in 2,118,760 for the biggest prize.

You’ll need to claim your prize within 180 days. Winnings of up to £500 are uploaded to your player account automatically, while for prizes over £500 but less than £30,000, you’ll have to confirm that the prize should be added to the debit card associated with your National Lottery account.

For prizes over £30k, up to £50,000, call the National Lottery to claim – prizes are paid by cheque. For anything over £50k, you’ll need to collect your money in person.

Checking your results

As ever, there are many ways to do this, online or on the go. Results are up on the National Lottery’s website from around 9.30 pm on draw nights. You can also check on the mobile app, or watch the draw live on the website or via YouTube every Tuesday and Friday from 8.45 pm.


Clearly, the more numbers you play with, the greater the chances of a bigger win, but, equally, your chances of winning become smaller. The difference with HotPicks compared to the main EuroMillions draw is that you get a bigger prize for matching fewer numbers.

It offers a different take on the standard lottery format. Give HotPicks a whirl and let us know what you think!

Game FAQ

Where can I play The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks online?

The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks can be played at the following online Operators: Lottoland, LottoGo, Lottery

Who developed the game The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks?

The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks has been developed by the software provider National Lottery

What type of game is The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks?

The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks is categorised as Lottery

What devices can I play The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks on?

The National Lottery EuroMillions HotPicks can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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