Time Out Tavern
offered by Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

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Minimum guarantee Jackpots on each round!
Return to Player:
90-ball, 27 squares per card, 3-rows & 9-columns, up to 36 tickets per round


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The online bingo space is filled with many innovative offerings these days. Gone are the times of having to rely just on a couple of different types of bingo variants. You are spoilt for choice nowadays!

You are able to buy as many as six strips for each round of Time Out Tavern. As each strip has six tickets, you will be able to have as many as 36 tickets for a given round. The occasional game will allow you to buy even more tickets.

How to play

One of the popular online bingo games you will come across is Time Out Tavern. This has 90, 80 & 75 ball variants available.

There is a total of 27 squares on the card across the three rows and nine columns. Every one of the rows has five numbers and four squares that are blank. Therefore, a total of 15 numbers will be a part of each and every card.

What you can win in Time Out Tavern

One of the main things people want to know about a Time Out Tavern game is what they can expect in terms of potential payouts and jackpots.

Thankfully with Time Out Tavern, you will have access to a jackpot for each game that has a minimum guarantee. The exact size of the jackpot is going to be dependent on how many players are a part of a given round and the total number of tickets that have been bought.

Therefore, the more tickets bought, the greater the jackpot is going to be.

In terms of the general prizes, there are three different ways to win. You can fully match one line, two lines, or complete the entire card.

As the card will automatically mark itself, you do not have to manually strike off the numbers as they get called out. The same player will be able to win multiple prizes. If there are multiple winners of the same prize, then it will have to be divided evenly.

You will know that you have won a prize because the caller will announce the winner. You will also see it on your screen, detailing the exact sum that you have won.

In terms of the jackpot, this will be won if you manage to complete a full house on your card inside a certain number of calls. The exact numbers of calls will be specified in advance of the round.


With online bingo, 90-Ball variants are the bread and butter of any bingo room you visit. These are tried and tested favourites.

With Time Out Tavern, you have the added attraction of a minimum guaranteed jackpot. This means that with each game, you have an extra level of excitement as you try to hit a full house inside a certain number of calls and get your hands on the jackpot.

The other payouts are pretty standard for an online bingo title.

The graphics can’t be faulted and you are able to buy as many as 36 tickets each round. With ticket prices varying nicely, this is going to be a game for all types of bingo players.

To see which bingo sites offer Time Out Tavern, you can have a look at the expert reviews on Roger.com.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Time Out Tavern online?

Time Out Tavern can be played at the following online Operators: Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

Who developed the game Time Out Tavern?

Time Out Tavern has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Time Out Tavern?

Time Out Tavern is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Time Out Tavern on?

Time Out Tavern can be played on


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