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Volleyball is both an indoor or on the beach sport. It has increased in popularity over the years. Particularly given its involvement in the Summer Olympics, it has a major reach now with most major online sportsbooks providing odds on games all over the world.

Volleyball’s Major Events

Gaining major international attention and therefore providing competitive betting markets are these major tournaments:

World Championships

There is a World Championship for both men and women. The Championships are indoors and take place every four years, containing 24 senior national teams.

Olympic Volleyball

Played at the summer games, volleyball at the Olympics involves both indoor and beach versions of the game. The latter format of the game has only been in Olympic competition since 1996 but has been a major hit with TV audiences.

World Cup

There are World Cups for both the men’s and women’s games. What’s more, competitions take place quadrennially in the year preceding the summer Olympics.


How to play

Odds Available on Volleyball

We’ll keep more in line with American betting terminology here. So, the main betting choices within volleyball involve lines and props, each offering various individual betting options.


Betting on both game lines and 1st set are the most common lines offered. Games lines involve prices on the overall winner of the match, the handicap (in terms of sets won) and the total points bet. You can display it like this:

Team To Win Total Points Handicap – Sets
Brazil 4/6 Over 184.5 5/6 -1.5 11/8
USA 11/10 Under 184.5 5/6 +1.5 8/15


As always, props are extra bets you can place on a match, much like ‘spot betting’ in other sports. For instance, options include correct set score, match points total (odd/even), score after 2 sets, and many others. Also, the bookmaker will price up all individually.

What About Volleyball Betting Terminology?

Knowing your ace from your assist or your roll from your rotation is one thing. But betting as always has its own jargon. These are the things you may see listed within your volleyball betting options:

  • 1st Set – you can bet on the winner of the first set if you believe you think a team will start quickly, both in terms of the overall winner and the points score on the handicap.
  • Correct Set Score – bets for both teams to win 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 will be listed in each set played.
  • Lines – the game lines are odds offered to win the match, to win on the handicap or for the total points scored by both teams combined.
  • Props – extra bets offered under the game lines, such as individual player points scorers, the correct score, total team points, etc.
  • Score After 3 Sets – you may not be confident of the overall match winner, but you can bet on who you think will be ahead after three sets by betting on scores of 2-1 or 3-0 for a given team.

Tips for Betting on Volleyball

Volleyball, unlike football or basketball, for example, is still a niche sport. That is, very few people can call themselves experts. So only bet if you know a little about the game or at least the players involved and always get value for money. If you are confident about a team and believe they should be -5.5 on the handicap but they are being offered at -1.5, then you could be getting good value.

Volleyball Betting Offers

Very few specific offers are delved out by bookmakers on volleyball competitions. But Olympic specials certainly are and also if you have received a loyalty or new customer bonus from your chosen firm this can be used on volleyball matches to increase your potency – just look out for any unfair rollover requirements.

Place Your Volleyball Bets Now with Roger.com!

Now you know a little more about volleyball you can bet with confidence. Doing so via any of Roger.com’s recommended online bookmakers means doing it safely and securely too.


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