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Intensely competitive and fast-paced yet fun and accessible, team-based yet allowing individual players to showcase dazzling skills, it’s small wonder basketball is so adored by millions worldwide. There are no 0-0 scores here and even draws are pretty rare, so you’re virtually guaranteed excitement.

While basketball’s roots are obviously in North America, the sport is growing across Europe, too. Major tournaments include the FIPBA World Cup, EuroLeague and (the big one) the US’s thrillingly volatile National Basketball Association (NBA).

There are many ways of having a flutter on games, and numerous available odds, from simple wagers to more complex spread bets. Bet on points scored or which team will eventually win a competition. A point spread bet is another favourite, based on points difference worked out between two teams lining up.

You may not have previously considered betting on this sport – but it has stacks to offer the shrewd punter.

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