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Basketball is one of the fastest-paced and most popular sports in the world. And so, from a betting point of view, it’s a game that keeps on giving.

There are many different handicap bets available on hundreds of games on a weekly basis. Therefore, if you know a thing or two about the game, there are tons of opportunities.

Basketball’s Biggest Events

Like baseball and American football, basketball’s biggest competitions take place in North America. Although in Europe, particularly the UK, Spain, and Greece, the sport is really taking hold.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the premier tournament in world basketball, although the EuroLeague is ever-growing in terms of popularity and talent as well.

Basketball shows its skills on the world stage during the FIBA Basketball World Cup and within the Summer Olympics. Then, all of these competitions provide good betting opportunities for those in the know.


How to play

Sports Betting Odds Available on Basketball

The various bet types available on basketball are numerous. That’s because the sport is one of the most popular in the world with bettors. On NBA games in particular, you can wager on hundreds of combinations. The basics are within the Money Lines section. Your options include but are not limited to:


This sport has a low likelihood of a draw or tie. Therefore, the sport uses handicaps and you bet on a spread. When one team is doing well on the money line itself (to win the game), they will show a minus. For example, Miami Heat -8.5 at 10/11.


As with American football, the totals refer to the total number of points scored in the game by both sides combined.

Money Line

Although the odds aren’t terrific, you can back a team simply to win the game by any score. This is how the three main bet types may well be displayed:

Team Spread Total Money Line
Brooklyn Nets +7.5 10/11 Over 221.5 10/11 13/5
New York Knicks -7.5 10/11 Under 221.5 10/11 5/16

What Do Typical Basketball Betting Terms Mean?

You’ll find lots of betting terminology connected to basketball. Most of it stems from the States and so it’s best to keep on top of what the main jargon means, including:

  • Futures – essentially the ante-post market. You can bet in advance on teams to win competitions such as the NBA Finals.
  • Money Line – a straight-up win bet, i.e. backing a team simply to win the game.
  • Props – special bets, such as alternative handicap bets not listed within the normal money lines.
  • Spread – the number of points the favoured team is considered better than the other team by.

Tips for Betting on Basketball

There are some general basics to remember when betting on basketball, including to hold back until you definitely know the line-up. In a 5-player team game everybody is crucial, so if a major player is missing it makes a big difference to the result.

Keep an eye out for major money line moves as this could suggest that something has changed in the background. Bet against the spread on losing streaks and finally, if you’re betting live in-play which is recommended, check for yourself on whether players are showing fatigue.

Betting Offers

Not many online bookmakers outside of the USA will offer a lot of basketball-specific betting offers. But as always, you can use any new customer offers or reload bonuses on major basketball games. And so when that perfect bet comes along, make sure to use your extra betting cash.

Place Your Basketball Wagers with Now!

So, with a little more basketball knowledge now in your possession, you can wager on the sport safely and securely via any of our recommended online bookmakers.


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