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Hand-to-hand combat is still thrilling sports fans around the world. Therefore, boxing has become a major source of revenue for bookmakers. But if you possess the right knowledge, it can be a money-spinner for punters too.

Boxing’s Biggest Events

Promoters organize fights and pay-per-view television also heavily influences match-ups. So, there are four major sanctioning bodies who produce belts in various weight categories which every fighter wants to attain.


The International Boxing Federation organises professional bouts, their heavyweight champion of the world being the most sought-after title.


The World Boxing Association is the oldest major boxing body with Anthony Joshua holding their heavyweight title since December 2019. Whereas Chris Eubank Jr became their interim middleweight titleholder the same month.


The World Boxing Council had its inaugural fight in 1963. Now, Tyson Fury is their heavyweight champ.


Only on the scene since 1988, the World Boxing Organization issues “super champion” titles to its boxers. Anthony Joshua currently holds the heavyweight belt. Whereas Billy Joe Saunders holds the super middleweight title.


How to play

What Type of Odds Are Available in Boxing?

Often grouped with MMA within sportsbook sections, the odds available on boxing are plentiful. Also, given the amazing promotion the sport receives via worldwide television, the sport has developed into one of the most heavily bet in the world.

Fight by fight, these are your usual options:

To Win Fight

A straight-up win bet, regardless of the method of victory or how long it takes. As there is often a heavy favourite betting on that fighter to simply win is often pointless, with odds of 1/50 or even 1/66 often popping up.

Fight Outcome

Although the wording may change from bookmaker to bookmaker, there are essentially three ways to win a fight which the layers group together. And, they’ll usually be listed like this:

Boxer: Hughie Fury Pavel Sour
By KO, TKO or Disqualification: 1/2 18/1
By Decision or Technical Decision: 6/4 25/1
Draw or Technical Draw: 28/1 28/1

Round Betting

This regards backers placing a bet on which round the fight will be won in and by which fighter. So for example, in the above fight, you may get Hughie Fury to win in the 5th round at 9/1, the 8th round at 10/1.

Or you may get Pavel Sour to win in any round at 100/1. The greater prices on offer mean punters can bet on a few rounds and will be in profit if one of them proves to be the correct timing of the result.

What Does TKO Mean in Boxing Sports Betting?

A TKO, or technical knockout, is one of many industry-specific words or abbreviations used. However, for betting, it’s good to know at least these ones:

  • Bout – the fight itself, rarely called a ‘match’.
  • By Decision – this means the bout is won on points. If no knockout occurs, the judges’ scorecards are added up and the winning fighter is announced.
  • Draw – although rare in boxing, a draw can occur when there is no knockout and the judges’ scorecards have the fighters level.
  • KO – knockout, when a fighter is hit hard and is perhaps rendered unconscious.
  • TKO – technical knockout, when the referee ends the fight due to him believing one fighter should not carry on.
  • Round – boxers usually fight in 3-minute rounds before being separated. Championship fights consist of twelve rounds.

Tips for Betting on Boxing

As the win odds are too restrictive, stick to spot bets such as round betting. Remember not to bet on every fight on the card and stick to the boxers you know. Bet only when you have some knowledge of the sport, this will help you if you believe a certain fighter should win within 8 rounds for example.

In that case, you can probably afford to bet on a victory in round 5-8, meaning having up to four bets but at anything up to 10/1 which means if you’re right, you can still make a profit.

Typical Boxing Betting Offers

Enhanced odds are often handed out by bookmakers when there is a huge title fight, but often it is better to stick with the new customer or reload bonuses handed out and use those when you think you know the likely outcome of a fight.

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