Aruban Matches Betting

Aruban Matches Betting

Football is the national sport in Aruban. There has been a lot of support for it over the course of time by the Royal Dutch Football Association. The national team in Aruba is usually near the end of the FIFA rankings. Read on learn more about Aruban Matches Betting.

History of Aruban Matches Betting

The governor of football in Aruba is the Aruba Football Federation and was initially created in 1932, but it did not get a FIFA affiliation until 1988. It is part of the CONCACAF division of governance. The main football competition domestically is the Aruban Division di Honor having started in 1960.

Clubs from Aruban were also able to take part in the Netherlands Antilles Championship until 1985, with two clubs from Aruban managing to win this championship, with SV Racing Club Aruba doing so in 1965 and SV Estrella in 1970. Currently, there are 62 different football clubs registered in Aruban, with more than 10,500 players and over 125 officials.

The international team has been playing since 19245, most players for Aruban were presenting the Netherlands Antilles national team until there was an official split in 1986. Over the years, the Aruban national team has not managed to achieve CONCACAF Gold Cup or FIFA World Cup qualification. They also are part of the Caribbean Football Union but have not been able to achieve Caribbean Cup qualification either.

League football in Aruba

The Aruban Division de Honor is the premium domestic football league in the country. It was started back in 1960 and it is made up of the teams these days.

Whatever team manages to win the league come the end of the season will go on to enter the qualification stages for the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Whatever team finishes in the last place in the league each year will then be relegated to the second division in Aruba, the Aruban Division Uno.

The teams that finish the league season in 8th and 9th place will be then taking part in a round-robin event that contains the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the second division. This will see further promotion and relegation from the premier division in a lot of cases. Usually, the league competition starts in April and runs through to November.

There are two teams that were at the top of the rankings in terms of how many league titles they have won an Aruban. SV Racing Club Aruban and SV Dakota both had 16 league titles apiece.

However, SV Racing Club is now the leader in this honour list after winning the title in 2018/2019. In total, there are nine clubs that have won the league over the course of its establishment in 1960.

Football in Aruba

While there is some great football played in Aruba each year, there isn't much international attention for these games. As a result, a lot of betting operators do not offer betting markets on these games. This may be disappointing to some fans. However, there are those betting sites that will have these matches on offer.

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