Egyptian Premier League Betting

Egyptian Premier League Betting

The Egyptian Premier League is the leading flight of football in Egypt. It attracts the best players in the country to battle it out for the ultimate honours come the end of the season. The games are some of the most attended in the Middle East and Africa.

This guide looks at all of the various aspects of the Egyptian Premier League.

Egyptian Premier League Betting

The Egyptian Premier League first started back in 1948. It has been going strong ever since. There are 18 different teams that battle it out each season. In fact, 70 different clubs have been part of the Egyptian Premier League since it first started.

Each season there is relegation and promotion taking place between the Egyptian Premier League and the second tier of football in the nation, the Egyptian Second Division.

The season generally begins in August and goes until May like a lot of the major league competitions that you will see around Europe. However, games in the Egyptian Premier League don't just place at the weekend like most other leagues. Instead, they tend to take place on all days of the week, which is ideal for football fans.

Whatever team manages to win the Egyptian Premier League at the end of the season will get entry into the Egyptian Super Cup. Every team plays each other team on two occasions during the season. Once at home and one away.

Total points dictate the league. Three points are awarded for a win and a single point for a draw. At the end of the season, three teams that get relegated based on of the Egyptian Premier League rankings.

History of the League

Al Ahly is the holder of the most Egyptian Premier League titles. The team has won the league competition on 41 different occasions. Hassan El Shazly is the league’s top goalscorer with a massive 173 goals.

In total, there are only seven clubs that have captured the Egyptian Premier League over the years. These are:

  • Zamalek
  • Tersana
  • Olympic Club
  • Al Mokawloon Al Arab
  • Ismaily
  • Ghazi El-Mahalla.

Sadly, a few Egyptian Premier League seasons have not been completed due to war and hosting different events.

The Egyptian Premier League is known as one of the leading national leagues in the continent of Africa. It is often ranked as the third-best in recent years. This is based on the performances the local teams have generated through all-Africa competition in a five year period recently.

The Egyptian Premier League did have some of the highest average attendances for football clubs in the Middle East and Africa.

However, after a serious riot during a game in February 2012 that saw 74 people die and over 500 people get injured when Al Ahly were playing Al Masry, the games in the Egyptian Premier League were played behind closed doors for many seasons, with this gradually ending in 2017.

Local authorities gradually began allowing fans to attend certain matches, with the attendance numbers increasing gradually.

Some of the stadiums have massive capacity, with the Borg El Arab Stadium, for example, being able to hold 86,000 people.

Betting on the Egyptian Premier League games

If you want to get involved with betting on the Egyptian Premier League, you have come to the right place. There are many exciting games that take place on a regular basis in the Egyptian Premier League.

As the games are not just confined to the weekends, there are always betting opportunities during the season no matter the day of the week. This is why many sports bettors from all across the world enjoy betting on the Egyptian Premier League games.

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