Israeli U19 Betting

Israeli U19 Betting

Football in Israel is extremely popular, with a massive interest both in the domestic and international teams. The Israeli U19 football team often garners a lot of attention. It is where the country’s best up and coming players come together to try to compete on an international stage. This guide looks at the various aspects of the Israeli U19 team and betting on games in which it is involved in.

Israeli U19 betting & teams

Naturally, the best young football players in Israel will come together to form the Israeli U19 team. The Israeli U19 team is seen to be a feeder team for the Israeli U21 team. Israeli U19 is reserved for those players who are 19 years old or younger by the start of a two-year campaign for the UEFA European Under 19 Championships. Therefore, players that make up the team can be 20 years old.

Other underage competitions that Israeli teams take part in include at U17, U20 (non-UEFA tournaments) and U21s. Once a player is eligible, they are able to play at any of these levels no matter how young they may be.

A player can take part in games for the Israeli U19 team, play for the senior side and then go back to play again with the Israeli U19 team. You also have the ability to play for a given country at the underage levels. Then play for another nation at a senior level once they are eligible to do so in terms of qualification rules.

The games

The Israeli U19 team do not base themselves in a given stadium. They play their home games in a variety of different locations across the country. This is a way to expose the Israeli U19 game to fans in all different parts of the nation. Usually, there are smaller grounds used as the interest is not as big for Israeli U19 games in comparison to senior clubs games and senior international fixtures.

As the Israeli U19s are part of the UEFA, the teams take part in the European championships. The Israeli U19 team has qualified for this competition on two occasions. Getting knocked out in the group stages in 1997 and 2014.

History of the team: key dates

  • 1957: The first idea to start a youth team in Israel came in or around 1957.
  • 1958: This can as the Israeli Football Federation bandied the idea of entering a team into the 1958 UEFA European U18 Championship.
  • 1962: The first game for the Israeli U19 squad came in May 1962, playing England.
  • 1964: The Israeli U19 took place in the AFC Youth Championship for the first time in 1964. It won the competition on six occasions before getting banned from taking part in AFC tournaments.
  • 1962: Up to 1992, the Israeli U19 was only taking part in the FIFA Youth Championship qualification tournaments.
  • 1992: It was in 1992 that Israel was officially accepted into UEFA and began to take part in the UEFA European Under19 Championship (this was for U18 level up until 2002).

Betting options

The Israeli U19 team is always striving to push the boat and to get qualification into the European Championships. While it has appeared in this event on two occasions, it has exited during the group stages both times.

The goal is to make it to the knockout phase of this event. The best young players make up the Israeli U19 team, showcasing their talents. These games are often free-flowing and full of skill, making for entertaining games. This is an ideal mix if you are looking to place bets on Israeli U19 games

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