Kenyan Premier League Betting

Kenyan Premier League Betting

The Kenyan Premier League is the leading football league for professional football in Kenya. The league was originally created back in 1963 by the Kenya Football Federation. However, it is now under the control of the Football Kenya Federation.

There are 18 clubs in total making up this league and there is a relegation and promotion system in place with the Kenyan National Super League. This article looks at the ins and outs of the Kenyan Premier League, as well as the betting opportunities that exist for these matches.

The History of the Kenyan Premier League Betting

The first season for the Kenyan Premier League came in 1963 after it was organized by the Kenya Football Federation. The matches were very consistent over the intervening decades until the end of the 1990s. Since then, there have been many issues experienced by the teams in the league, mainly due to financial reasons.

There has been more fortune in recent years thanks to new kit sponsorship opportunities which has seen improvements in the league play. The most successful club in the history of the Kenyan Premier League is Gor Mahia, having been crowned as the Kenyan Premier League champion on 17 different occasions.

The Kenyan Premier League itself has been in place since 2003 after the league transformed into a separate entity. It was made into a limited liability company with the 18 teams sharing its ownership and it was an affiliate of the Kenya Football Federation. It has undergone a number of organizational and sponsorship name changes over the years.

Sponsorship of Teams

In recent years there has been a bit more attention shone on the Kenyan Premier League matches. A lot of major companies began to get involved in sponsorship deals with both the league and its teams and officials.

One of the biggest sponsors in recent years was the sports betting company based in East Africa, SportPesa. It signed a four and a half year deal for the naming rights of the league in 2015 in which was worth about US$4.36 million.

The Format of the League

There are 18 teams that take part in the Kenyan Premier League each season. It usually begins in February and lasts until November. However, in recent years it has moved to a start date in August and a finish date in May. Every team will play each other on two occasions during the season, once at home and once away. This means that every team will play 34 games. There are three points awarded for a win, a single point for a draw and none for a loss.

The team that has the highest points total at the end of the season will be the Kenyan Premier League champion. The two teams that finish at the bottom of the standings will be relegated to the National Super League, with the top two teams from this division getting promoted in their place. The 16th finisher in the Kenyan Premier League will play a playoff against the 3rd place finisher in the National Super League for a place in the Kenyan Premier League the following season.

Betting Options

The Kenyan Premier League games have improved massively in terms of standards in recent years. As more money has come into the game in the country, more players are attracted to the league. This is ideal for bettors as they can enjoy some great football as well as have access to some nice betting opportunities.

Most leading football betting sites will have betting markets for Kenyan Premier League games. You will have a choice of different betting types for these games depending on what operator you go for. To see what the leading sportsbook options are, you can check the list of reviews on A group of experts have carefully dissected the leading offerings to show you which will be best for your needs. You can then get started with one of these sites in a matter of minutes.

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