Kuwait Premier League Betting

Kuwait Premier League Betting

The Kuwait Premier League goes by different names depending on what its current sponsor may be and it is the leading division for football in Kuwait. The league was originally created in 1961 and there are usually ten teams battling it out to be crowned as champion comes to the end of the year.

History of the Kuwait Premier League Betting

The official first season of the Kuwait Premier League was 1961/1962 and there were unofficial seasons for eight years preceding this official start date. These old clubs that were taking part in the unofficial league were replaced by new teams made up of clubs and schools. There were eight of these new teams making up the first season of the Kuwait Premier League. Over the next few years, the league tried to find its feet, with a number of clubs dropping out of the competition for various reasons.

The competition grew in popularity for a couple of decades without much to note. However, the 1990/1991 season did not take place as a result of the invasion of Iraq into Kuwait. The following season did go ahead but the traditional league format was replaced by group stages, with the top two teams from each group going into the knockout stages. It was for the 1994/1995 season that the competition returned to its traditional league format. There were 14 teams taking part in the league that season of resumption.

Teams in the League

There have been a lot of different clubs that have taken part in the Kuwait Premier League over the years. There are three clubs that have mostly dominated the competition since its formation, each of which are closely matched in terms of the total titles they have won. Qadsia currently sits on top of these rankings having won the Kuwait Premier League on 17 occasions, closely followed by Al-Arabia with 16 titles and Kuwait SC with 15 titles.

Only three other teams have won the Kuwait Premier League in its history, with Brazilian players coming to ply their trade, with many of them dominating the scoring charts come to the end of the season. The number of teams taking part each season has varied widely in recent years.

While there were 15 teams playing in the Kuwait Premier League for the 2016/2017 season, only ten teams took part in the most recent season. There were occasions over recent decades where teams had to withdraw from the competition for one reason or another.

Betting options

The Kuwait Premier League is a small league in terms of the total number of teams battling it out each season. There have been three clubs that have dominated the competition. While the other teams might be struggling to meet their high standards, there is certainly a lot of competition between these three clubs.

As a result, you are always in for a treat, with intense games between these sides always leading to exciting games. When there are exhilarating matches on view, this creates a lot of betting opportunities, both pre-game and in-play.

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