The Guide to Scottish League One Betting

The Guide to Scottish League One Betting

The Scottish League One is the third tier in Scottish league football, with the Scottish Championship being the leading league competition in the region. Currently, there Scottish League One is known as the Ladbrokes League One as Ladbrokes is currently the sponsor for the league.

It was back in 2013 that the Scottish League One was created following a shake-up in the structure of league football in the country. This came after there was a merger between the Scottish Football League and the Scottish Premier League.

The format of the Scottish League One Betting

There are ten teams that take part in the Scottish League One every season. Just like most forms of league football, when a team wins a fixture, they will earn three points. If there is a draw then both teams will earn a point while losing teams will not get any points. The Scottish League One table at the end of the year will be determined by the total points.

If there is more than one team on the same points total, then there will be other variables used to determine which team finishes in that position. For the Scottish League One, goal difference will be used. If this still does not give a leader, then there will be a playoff game taking place to calculate which team finishes in what position. This game will have to take place at a neutral venue.

Automatic promotion

The team that wins the Scottish League One at the end of the season will receive automatic promotion up into the Scottish Championship. The team that finishes in the last place in the Championship will then be automatically relegated into the Scottish League One.

There will then be a play-off series that takes place in order to determine which team gets the second and final promotion spot. This sees the team that finished in 2nd place in the Scottish League One play the team that finished in 3rd place. The team that finished in 4th place in the Scottish League One plays the team that finished in 9th place in the Scottish Championship. The two winners of these games will then meet each other in a play-off final.

If the team from the Championship wins this overall playoff series, then it will not be relegated and there will be no other Scottish League One team promoted that year. If it is a Scottish League One team that wins the playoff series, then this team will be promoted and the 9th place Scottish Championship team will be relegated.

The teams

Over the years, there have been many great teams that have plied their trade in the Scottish League One. Rangers FC had its fair share of troubles and had to work its way back up through the ranks in the Scottish league system, playing in the Scottish League One before making it back up to the big leagues.

It was in the 2013/2014 season that Rangers were crowned champions of the Scottish League One, which also was the first iteration of this league in its current form. The other teams to have captured the Scottish League One title in the intervening years are Greenock Morton, Dunfermline Athletic, Livingston, Ayr United and Arbroath.

Betting on the Scottish League One

The Scottish League One is a league that sees tough battles taking place week in and week out. There have been many teams for one reason or another over the years that have the massive pedigree but have found themselves in the Scottish League One.

It can be tricky to get out of this league as all of the teams force you into a battle, with no easy three points usually being on offer.

Most bookmakers will offer betting markets on Scottish League One games. There is suitable interest to not just offer match winner markets, but also a variety of other niche markets. This gives you a few different options in relation to how you want to proceed with your betting.

Some people find it tricky to get good television coverage of Scottish League One games, but certain online sites will show you highlights. As the Scottish League One is so competitive, the games are usually taken very seriously, so you won’t find stronger teams rest players as much as you may see with other leagues.

This makes for more reliability in your betting, rather than being disappointed when you have made a bet only to find out that a team is resting a certain player.

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