Brighton Racecourse

Brighton Racecourse

Located in Sussex, the Brighton Racecourse has been hosting horse races since 1783. It is currently under the ownership of the Arena Racing Company that also operates 15 other race tracks across Great Britain.

The History of the Brighton Racecourse

According to legend, it was at Brighton Racecourse that hurdle racing was first invented. The story goes that the then Prince of Wales George IV was riding on the course with friends when they came across some sheep pens that they jumped across.

For many years in the 19th century, Brighton Racecourse was the host of major horse races and events. This popularity lasted for many years into the 20th century, with a new stand getting built-in 1965. However, as the tourism industry in Brighton began to decline, so did the popularity of the Brighton Racecourse.

As the years went on, the track fell into disrepair. It was in 1998 that Northern Racing took over the majority ownership of the Brighton Racecourse and spent £4 million in order to conduct renovations. It was in 2012 that there was a merger between Arena Racing and Northern Racing to form what is now known as the Arena Racing Company.

The Racecourse

The Brighton Racecourse is located on Whitehawk Hill and it lies approximately 400 feet above sea level, situated a mile away from the coast. It is a horseshoe-shaped track that has a total length of a mile and a half. It is one of only a handful of race tracks across the region that does not have a complete circuit, with Epsom being another example of this type of track.

The finishing straight is approximately four furlongs and there is a steep descent towards the finish, before a similarly steep incline in order to get past the winning post. Only flat racing takes place on Brighton Racecourse, a left-handed track and the longest race that the track will now hold is a mile and a half. In previous times, the course could be extended for another half of a mile through the close by a golf course.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for the races at Brighton Racecourse will vary depending on what type of races are going to be taking place. It is usually cheaper to buy tickets online in advance of the day of racing rather than buying them in-person at the gate on race day.

For a standard day of racing, a pre-booking online might cost £13, rising to £19 if you buy them at the gate. If you are planning to attend the Brighton Racecourse on a feature day of racing, these prices will usually rise to £18 when booking online or £23 when paying at the gate.

Tactics to Consider

As the Brighton Racecourse is now a complete track, this is something unusual that a lot of bettors will not be familiar with. It is generally a windy course as it is so close to the coast. Overall, there are a lot of sharp bends and undulations. Therefore, quicker horses are preferred rather than horses that are more gallopers and take long strides as they can be thrown off by the contours of the track.

Biggest Races

For a time, there were a lot of top-class races taking place at Brighton Racecourse. However, other courses began to leapfrog it in terms of popularity and these races left many decades ago.

It now lies towards the bottom of the rankings in Great Britain in terms of the quality of the races and the prize purses that are on offer. Only a handful of other race tracks will have smaller prize pools on offer.

Usually, the big race meeting of the year at the Brighton Racecourse comes at the start of August. This is the Brighton Festival and it takes place over three days. The highlight race of this festival is the Brighton Mill Challenge Trophy Handicap.

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