Catterick Bridge Racecourse

Catterick Bridge Racecourse

The Catterick Bridge Racecourse is a track for thoroughbred racing in North Yorkshire, England. There has been racing held in the area dating all of the ways back to the 17th century.

It is one of the bastions of horse racing in the northern parts of England. There is a lot of tradition at this track and many in the region love frequenting Catterick Bridge Racecourse.

The History of the Catterick Bridge Racecourse

There has been horse racing taking place at Catterick Bridge Racecourse since the middle of the 17th century. The first official written account of racing in the area was in April 1783. There was no fixed course built in the area until 1813.

There is a market every Sunday that takes place on the grounds of the Catterick Bridge Racecourse. This is the largest market of its kind in the region.

The Racecourse

The current Catterick Bridge Racecourse blends together the old classic feel and the more modern aspects. The structure of the old stand that was built in 1906 still exists at the track today. However, numerous improvements made over the years have been done to enhance the experience and atmosphere at the Catterick Bridge Racecourse.

It is up there with the busiest tracks in the area of North Yorkshire as racing takes place all throughout the season. There are plans in the works to make alterations to the layout of the Catterick Bridge Racecourse, as well as implementing an all-weather tack on the site.

In its current form, the Catterick Bridge Racecourse is a left-handed track that has sharp turns and a lot of undulations that need to be negotiated. In total, the track is a bit more than a mile and the run-in is three furlongs in its length. For the most part, the going is good year-round thanks to the gravel subsoil that was used when creating the track.

Ticket Prices

If you are looking to attend the Catterick Bridge Racecourse for a race day, you will be able to purchase cheaper tickets online in advance of the event. If you pay on the day, the prices will be a bit higher. You will get entrance to the paddock and the grandstand with normal tickets.

These start at £14.25 for a single ticket. If you buy at least ten tickets, the price is then £12 each. Military personnel get entry for £10 and those who are under 18 years old get free entry into the Catterick Bridge Racecourse.

Tactics to Consider

On the flat course, the bends are very sharp, which makes it difficult for bigger horses with long strides, as well as when you add in the undulating nature of the course into the equation. You should be looking at faster horses who run with ease for this track.

For the jumps course, it is also left-handed with sharp turns but the undulations are a bit more forgiving than the flat course. The fences are also pretty easy. For chases, there is normally good running, with a lot more falling than you may have thought when first seeing the course.

One of the quirks of the track during the race is that the usual camera angle when the runners come around into the straight is deceiving. Those horses that are in the centre often appear to be closer to the leaders than what they are in reality.

Biggest Races

The main event that takes place at the Catterick Bridge Racecourse is the North Yorkshire Grand National. This event takes place every January. It is a gruelling test for all of its participants, with the testing ground at this time of year requiring massive stamina.

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