Fresno Race Track

Fresno Race Track

The Fresno Race track is located at the Big Fresno Fair, which is the biggest event that takes place each year in Central Valley, California. This takes place for a couple of weeks in October and usually attracts over 600,000 people in this period.

Horse racing has been a key feature of this fair since it was originally started back in 1883. It is still one of the biggest racing venues in the state these days and the annual fair racing festival always attracts a big crowd, quality horses and large prize purses.

Ticket Prices

If you are looking to attend the Fresno Race track during the annual fair, the general admissions for the fairgrounds and the track will start at about $5. If you want to enter into the Polo Lounge at the Club One Casino, this will cost a $10 entry fee.

Course Details

The track at Fresno Race track is a mile in length and it is oval-shaped. There are chutes in place to hold shorter races over six and two furlongs.

There have been a few significant renovations at the Fresno Race track in recent years. This saw the paddock remodelled recently and more than 6,000 trees planted. Massive crowds always attend the Fresno Race track during the time of the fair which creates a lot of excitement and energy at the venue.

At the Fresno Race track, there are two satellite betting facilities that are open all around the year. This is the Starting Gate which is at the fairgrounds, as well as the Polo Lounge which is in Downtown Fresno at the Club One Casino. You can watch racing there and place bets four days per week all around the year.

Tactics to Consider

As there are races of varying lengths taking place at the Fresno Race track, your tactics will depend on the race length. For shorter races, speed is going to be important, while longer races stamina will be more important without being too far behind the leaders at any stage as it can be hard to make up ground during the race due to the firm surface.

Track History

  • Racing has been taking place at the Fresno Race track since the annual fair began in 1883. This saw five days worth of horse racing taking place. It was a massive success straight away, leading to the building of a grandstand just five years after the beginning of the race. Betting was legal for the first few decades of the fair.
  • However, it was made illegal in 1909 and this saw the races being postponed for some time.
  • It was in 1933 that pari-mutuel betting was once again legalized. In subsequent years, the fair increased in length and became more and more popular.
  • In 1938, a new 4,000 seater grandstand was built. After a break for the Second World War, racing continued successfully at the Fresno Race track for many years.
  • By the 1980s, many leading horses and races were taking place at the facility. Improvements have been constant throughout the years.
  • It was in 2010 that a luxury deck addition was made to the grandstand, making it an ideal viewing point for both the paddock and the finishing line. In total, more than $4 million was invested at the time and has added to the prestige of the racing at the Fresno Race track.

Biggest Races

The race meeting during the Fresno annual fair is naturally going to be the best-attended festival of racing at the Fresno Race track each year. Perhaps the most notable race that takes place at the Fresno Race track is the Bulldog Stakes. There is also the Bulldog Handicap Race that offers cash prizes to racegoers who wear red to celebrate the Fresno State Bulldogs.

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