Timonium Race Track

Timonium Race Track

Timonium Race Track is located in the Maryland State Fairgrounds, with racing taking place each year during the annual fair. There has been racing taking place at this track since September 1879. The popularity of the racing at the facility has varied over the years.

Ticket Prices at Timonium Race Track

Generally, if you already have a ticket to gain entry into the state fair, you will get free entry into the racing at the Timonium Race Track. These state fair tickets will be priced at $8 for adults, $6 for senior citizens who are 62 years old and over, with children between 6 and 11 getting an entry for $3.

Course Details

The dirt track is oval in shape and is five-eighths of a mile in length. There are also chutes in place at the four furlongs and the six and a half furlongs mark to allow for different racing distances.

Thoroughbred racing takes place at the Timonium Race Track every year during the Maryland State Fair, with the racing usually taking place over a two week period. This means that there are usually eight race days in the calendar, the last of which will be on Labor Day. There is an open-air grandstand at the track with enough seating for 5,000 people.

There is also an extensive stable complex that fits 600 horses. This is the last race meeting that takes place on the East Coast during state fairs, being the case since the closing of the New England fair in 2005. Despite the infrequency of racing, the prize purses are generally pretty decent at the Timonium Race Track.

Track History

There has been racing taking place at the Timonium Race Track since September 1879, making it one of the oldest racetracks in the United States that is still in operation.

There were talks in the 1950s to redevelop the land for industry. This was due to the region flourishing economically. There was even an agreement to sell by the owners. However, mass controversy was garnered after the “Save the Maryland State Fair Committee” strongly campaigned against such a move. Over $600,000 was raised to help purchase the track and to ensure that it would still be in place for many years to come.

By the early 1970s’, Timonium Race Track was in trouble. There were concerns that the facility would close and that there would no longer be any racing in the area. However, the state came to the realization that the fair could significantly suffer if there was no horse racing as part of its offering. Therefore, the decision was made to keep racing at the track.

It has been an annual fixture ever since, with not too much history to note in that time period. Perhaps the most famous horse to have raced at the Timonium Race Track was Bee Bee Bee. The Maryland bred colt won a race at the Timonium Race Track in 1971 and went on to win the Preakness Stakes the following year.

Biggest Races

With the race meetings taking place over a two weeks period, everything is quite condensed as a result. Generally, there will be seven or eight days worth of race meetings each season. Some of the more notable races to watch out for include the Alma North Stakes that is open for mares and fillies, as well as the Taking Risks Stakes.

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