Bingo Winners Club Weekly
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Free entry - win qualifying game
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72 tickets, Free to play, Big rewards available


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If you are someone who enjoys playing plenty of bingo, then the Bingo Winners Club Weekly is definitely something that will interest you.

While there is a large enjoyment factor when it comes to playing online bingo games, there is also a side of you that likely wants to win some prizes.

The Bingo Winners Club Weekly can only be researched if you have been a winner of a qualifying bingo game. Therefore, it is elite players who get access to these titles.

How to play

If you want to get access to the Bingo Winners Club Weekly choice of games, there is a requirement that you have won another type of game.

The qualification bingo titles will be found in the Candy Bingo and Session Bingo rooms.

The games that promise qualification will contain a ‘BW’ icon which can be clearly seen. When you win one of these games, you will then get free tickets for the Bingo Winners Club Weekly.

Bingo Winners Club Weekly Features

As soon as you have won the qualifying game, you have the chance to head on over to the Bingo Winners Club Weekly Bingo. There is no need to pay any sort of ticket price at this point, everything is going to be freeroll for you from here on out.

Normally, you will get six tickets after winning the qualifying event that can then be used for a selection of games in the Bingo Winners Club Weekly lobby. For each of these games, you are able to play with as many as 72 tickets.

Return to Player (RTP)

As these games are free to enter, there is no consideration for RTP.


As this guide clearly showcases, there is a lot to like about the Bingo Winners Club Weekly section. Who doesn’t like getting the chance to play their favourite games for free?

There is no risking any of your real money when trying out these titles. All you need to do is come out victorious in one of the qualifying rounds and you are good to go.

There will be a selection of bingo variants usually on offer at Bingo Winners Club Weekly, so you won’t just have to rely on one or two standard options.

This keeps the experience interesting each time you return to the Bingo Winners Club Weekly. The prizes will vary from week to week, with sometimes there are massive rewards on offer.

If there is no chance that you can take the time to mark your card during your Bingo Winners Club Weekly game, the platform can do this automatically for you. Therefore, you might get a surprise when you log in and there is a prize waiting for you.

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Game FAQ

Where can I play Bingo Winners Club Weekly online?

Bingo Winners Club Weekly can be played at the following online Operators: Heart Bingo

Who developed the game Bingo Winners Club Weekly?

Bingo Winners Club Weekly has been developed by the software provider Gamesys

What type of game is Bingo Winners Club Weekly?

Bingo Winners Club Weekly is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Bingo Winners Club Weekly on?

Bingo Winners Club Weekly can be played on


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