Blackjack Redeal
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Redeal My Hand, Redeal Dealer Hand, Redeal Last Card,


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Many variations of good old blackjack have hit the market in recent times, and yet another form of the game to take our eye is Blackjack Redeal.

Just as with other blackjack variants, in Blackjack Redeal you are given two cards, face-up, with the dealer receiving one. You can hit, stand, or when the time is right, double down or split in this entertaining game.


How to play

As we’ve already said then, many of the basics are the same as in most blackjack variants.

In Blackjack Redeal, the goal is to gain a hand that has a total higher than the dealer’s hand without going over the magic 21. So, all should be familiar to regular blackjack players.

The game in general follows the same rules as European blackjack, however here the ‘Redeal’ option gives you a chance to better build a winning hand.

How to Play Blackjack Redeal

The Redeal option here goes a little deeper. You will have the option to Redeal Dealer Hand, or to Redeal My Hand when you bet.

Should you choose to hit, you’ll get an extra card and an additional Redeal option which is known as Redeal Last Card. Here’s what the redeal options mean:

  • Redeal My Hand – this gives you the chance to replace all of the cards you’ve been dealt with with new cards. This happens regardless of whether or not you have two, three, or more cards.
  • Redeal Dealer Hand – this option allows you to swap out the dealer’s card with a new, random card from the pack should you wish.
  • Redeal Last Card – this is a good one. It allows you to swap only the last card you have been dealt, regardless of whether it was your third, fourth, fifth, and so on.

So, as you can see, these options allow you to simply keep attempting to build a better hand should you be unhappy with the one you’ve been given.

You can use up to five of the above Redeal options in a single game, whether it’s about bettering your own hand or simply spoiling the dealer’s day by making theirs worse!

Naturally, all of this has to come at a price as the RTP (see below) is already close to the bone in blackjack games. A Redeal option will have to be paid for, with the price for each given on-screen. Use them wisely, as the cost can rack up but the benefits can be huge if you learn to use them at the right time.

Return to Player

As with all blackjack games online, the RTP here can reach well over 99%. That being said, with redeal’s thrown in this goes down and it is an average, so your own payouts and percentage of returns will differ.


We love tactical games, and so throwing in the redeal options in Blackjack Redeal means we get to think about the game a little more instead of simply taking what cards are given to us!

Game FAQ

Where can I play Blackjack Redeal online?

Blackjack Redeal can be played at the following online Operators: MrQ, Spin Genie, The Online Casino

Who developed the game Blackjack Redeal?

Blackjack Redeal has been developed by the software provider Microgaming

What type of game is Blackjack Redeal?

Blackjack Redeal is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Blackjack Redeal on?

Blackjack Redeal can be played on


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