DJ Wild Stud Poker
offered by Genting Casino, Casumo, The Vic

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Poker Poker
Game type:
Poker-style table game
Card deck:
52-cards plus a Joker
Return to Player:
Bonus games, Two Way Bad Beat wager, Trips side bet


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Available from 888, DJ Wild Stud Poker is a poker-style table game which you play with a standard 52-card deck plus a Joker. The Deuces (i.e. the cards with a rank of two) plus the Joker card are wild and can substitute any other card, whatever its suit or rank. So don’t be fooled by the initials – for once DJ isn’t about the decks of a nightclub but decks of cards and stands for Deuces and Jokers.

Pit your wits against the dealer in this exciting and refreshingly different casino game, as you aim to have a hand that’s higher than theirs.


How to play

Before starting, be aware that the Joker in DJ Wild Stud is always a Wild. But, for their part, Deuces have the option to be natural as well as Wild cards, according to whether you want to put together a Trips winning hand or not.

As each round kicks off, you need to place equal wagers on the Ante and Blind forced bets. You and the dealer will both receive five cards each. Study them carefully and decide whether to play or fold, which means forfeiting your Blind and Ante bets. (However, even if you choose to fold, your Trips bet (as mentioned below) stays active.)

How to play DJ Wild Stud Poker

Meanwhile, choosing to play doubles your Ante wager.

The next step is for the dealer to declare which of you has the losing hand. If that’s you, you can claim a 1:1 payout based on the Ante and Play bets, while payouts for the Blind one will vary according to the value of the hand:

  • Straight: 1:1
  • Flush: 2:1
  • Full House: 3:1
  • Quads: 4:1
  • Straight Flush: 9:1
  • Quints: 10:1
  • Royal Flush: 50:1

Finally, if you have five Wilds, these are worth 1,000:1.

If a round ends in a tie, the Ante, Blind and Play wagers push.

DJ Wild Stud Poker special features

Bonus games

Two Way Bad Beat wager

This is an upgrade wager embracing the welcome notion of losing but still being paid! It’s a wager which wins if both player and dealer each present at least three of a kind. Tying is not an option. And this one remains active if you go for Fold.

The payout depends on the losing hand – if this is a Royal Flush, for example, the payout is at 10,000:1.

Trips side bet

This is optional and pays even where the player doesn’t win and the dealer finishes the round with the better hand.

While it is active, if you put together a hand with five Wilds, you bank a tidy 2,000:1 payout.

Return to Player (RTP)

In the base game, RTP or Return to Player is worked at as 98.9883%, not bad at all and pretty much in line with what you’d expect from a poker game. Meanwhile, for the Trips side bet, RTP’s a tad higher at 99.3329%.


DJ Wild Stud Poker may not be the ideal game for someone who’s completely new to poker, given that it’s not the simplest version. But it could definitely be one to go for if you fancy something a shade different to what you normally play. And there’s that solidly healthy RTP.

Equally, of course, play with 888 and you have the peace of mind of having chosen an established, highly reputable operator.

Game FAQ

Where can I play DJ Wild Stud Poker online?

DJ Wild Stud Poker can be played at the following online Operators: Genting Casino, Casumo, The Vic

Who developed the game DJ Wild Stud Poker?

DJ Wild Stud Poker has been developed by the software provider Dragonfish

What type of game is DJ Wild Stud Poker?

DJ Wild Stud Poker is categorised as Poker

What devices can I play DJ Wild Stud Poker on?

DJ Wild Stud Poker can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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