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Handball has yet to really hit the mainstream in terms of being a very popular sport. However, it certainly has a strong audience in certain regions. As a result of this level of popularity, a lot of bookmakers may not be able to price up these events too accurately. This provides some great opportunities. Especially for those people who know the sport and are looking to profit from betting on it.

Major Events

  • World Handball Championships: This is an event for international teams and it takes place every two years. It starts in a group setting before then progressing onto a knockout stage.
  • German Bundesliga: This is a domestic handball league that takes place between German teams each year. It usually starts in August and it will be holding games all of the way until May.
  • The Olympics: Naturally, the Olympics is going to be a massively prestigious event to take part in. But it takes place only every four years. In fact, handball has been a part of the Olympics since the 1972 renewal.


How to play

Types of Handball Sports Betting Odds

The most popular way to place bets on handball games is through simple match winner markets. There is also handicap betting available for these match winner markets. That’s good in case one team is a lot stronger than the other.

Another popular way to bet on these games is betting on goal scorers, half time results, and correct score predictions. Finally, people like to take part in future betting to try and predict what team will win a certain tournament that is taking place in the future.

Important Handball Betting Terms

There are a few betting teams that relate to handball that you may not be overly familiar with. Here are some of those terms:

  • Over/under: These are markets that will be used to bet on how many goals are scored in a given game without being exact. For example, you believe there will be at least 3 goals in a game if you place a bet on the Over 2.5 goals category.
  • Future betting: This is when you place a bet on the outcome of an event that is taking place in the future, such as what team will win the handball gold medal in the 2020 Olympics.

Tips for Handball Betting

Perhaps the most important aspect of betting on handball games and events is having accurate info at hand. You can check across numerous professional websites and social media to gather info about the players that are taking part in a given game. You can check out their past performance at that venue and against that given team.

It is also important to take the current form of a team into account in case they are going through a particularly poor patch. The more obscure handball games can often throw up a lot of value for those handball fanatics that know every detail about the sport. They can spot bets where bookmakers have created a price mismatch that can then be taken advantage of.

Betting and Offers

At Roger.com, you are able to see all of the best sports betting sites to use if you are looking to place bets on handball matches. Not every sportsbook will properly support the sport. So you need to inform yourself about which is the best choice in this regard. You can then get access to some great promotions and bonus offers.


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