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Golf is a sport that has become a lot more appealing to a younger audience in recent years. That’s because a lot of young guns have been dominating on Tour, such as Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Brooks Koepka.

In the past, it was the bigger tournaments such as the Ryder Cup, British Open, and Masters that were mainly watched by fans. However, now television audiences for regular Tour events are very popular. With so many players battling it out each week to win a given event, this creates a lot of betting opportunities and nice odds.

Major Events

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a team event that pits the best dozen players from Europe against a selection from the United States. It takes place every two years. However, its venue crosses the Atlantic with each renewal. It takes place over three days and has been hotly contested in recent years.

British Open

The British Open is one of four Major Championships in golf. It is the oldest of these Majors and it takes place across Great Britain every year. Also, just like the Ryder, the venue alternates with each renewal. It is known for being a great proponent for links golf.

US Masters

The US Masters is the first Major of the year. It takes place each time at Augusta National Golf Club. This is an amazing golf course that has long been a fan favourite for the viewing experience. That’s thanks to the beautiful, lush green fairways and greens creating a magical atmosphere.


How to play

Types of Golf Sports Betting Odds

There are a lot of different ways for you to bet on golf. The most popular markets will be outright winners and each-way bets. Then you can bet on everything from what players will make/miss the cut to finishing positions for given players. Or, you can bet on leaders after certain rounds, the number of holes in ones on a given day, and so on.

There are usually more than 140 players taking part each week in a normal golf tournament. Hence, the odds for the outright winner bets tend to be quite lucrative. Therefore, if you can be successful at identifying strong candidates at decent prices, golf betting can be quite lucrative.

Important Golf Betting Terms

There are a few terms that relate to betting on golf that you may not be familiar with. Here are some of the most important for you to know:

  • Leader After Round X. This is a market that allows you to bet on which player will lead after a certain round. It is a similar type bet to a tournament winner wager.
  • Big Guns vs The Field. This pits the top five or so players in the field against the rest of the field. You can choose to bet on one of these two groups from which you think the winner of the event will come out of.
  • 3 Ball/2 Ball Betting. This will see you bet on which member of a playing group on a given day is going to shoot the best score during that given round.

Tips for Golf Betting

As there are so many players taking part in tournaments each week, there are a lot of considerations you need to make. If the event is at a course that the tournament has been played before, previous player form at that venue is always an important variable to consider.

You want to see what attributes are needed to do well at a given venue and then find players that fit this bill. Decent current form can be important for some players while others may often do well out of the blue. It is tough to accurately choose an outright winner, which is why each-way betting usually will be preferred as your selection can finish in the top few places and you will still get a payout at potentially nice odds.

Golf Sports Betting and Offers

Golf is a very popular sport to bet on due to the juicy odds that are usually on offer, as well as the bulk of data that you can analyze in order to make decisions on what player you will be betting on.

At, you can see which are the best golf betting sites. You can get access to great deals and offers for betting on golf through some of these leading sites.


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