Lightning Roulette
offered by Casumo, Slingo Casino, Virgin Games

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Multiplier of up to 500x Payout
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Evolution Gaming
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iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile
European roulette with automatic wheel, Lightning strike multipliers, Wide betting range


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Evolution Gaming, which has done wonders specifically in the live casino sector, are responsible for a terrific new live roulette variant we love – Lightning Roulette.

Live roulette is already incredibly popular and compelling, but this version has taken the genre to a whole new level. With a mixture of classic roulette features and some awesome multipliers, Lightning Roulette adds new dimensions to an age-old, famous casino table game.


How to play

In terms of the general rules of play, with Lightning Roulette we are essentially dealing with European roulette, or at least an enhanced version of it, so regular players will already know what’s going on while for others it is very simple to learn.

While, as you’d expect, there is a deal here in Lightning Roulette, they don’t spin the wheel themselves. Rather, the wheel is turned automatically as soon as the game begins. You can place your bets on all numbers, groups, odds/evens, colours etc just as you would in ordinary roulette.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

So, betting is pretty normal as per regular roulette. Here, once the betting has stopped the number board will then be hit by lightning, with between one and five lucky numbers being picked at random.

If you land a straight up bet on one of these lucky numbers, Lightning Roulette will multiply your bet by many times. Instead of getting an already attractive 35/1, you can be paid out at anything from 50 x to 500 x that payout!

Because of that, the payouts given to players on Lightning Roulette differ from the usual roulette games, coming out like this:

  • Straight up bets: 29/1 – 499/1 (depending on the Lightning multiplier)
  • Split bets: 17/1
  • Street bets: 11/1
  • Corner bets: 8/1
  • Line bets: 5/1

The range of bets is pretty decent too. If you want to take it slow and learn the ropes somewhat, then you can play Lightning Roulette from only 2 coins per spin. With some big wins available, the game is considered to be excellent value.

Just remember however, that while the multipliers make for some big old payouts, if one isn’t applied to your win then the 29/1 for straight up bets actually comes to less than the normal 35/1 we see in other roulette variants.

Return to Player

The return to player percentage, or RTP, in Lightning Roulette is set at 97.3%. This is fair, but that figure is taken as an average across all players and for an entire month.

Given the various multipliers at work, it could well be that you get a terrific return while those not winning will have a lesser RTP, it all depends on how your luck is!


There are only so many games we can create and some of them are classics anyway. We totally approve of going over some of the great old games as long as it’s done right, and in the case of Lightning Roulette it seems Evolution Gaming have definitely hit the right note.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Lightning Roulette online?

Lightning Roulette can be played at the following online Operators: Casumo, Slingo Casino, Virgin Games

Who developed the game Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette has been developed by the software provider Evolution Gaming

What type of game is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Lightning Roulette on?

Lightning Roulette can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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