Low Stakes European Roulette
offered by Jackpot.com Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

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Betting range:
50p – £100
Return to player (RTP):
Bet options:
Straight up, split, trio, and corner
Classic roulette theme, Low-risk, User-friendly


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Low Stakes European Roulette is available from online casino 777. It’s a great introduction to one of the world’s most popular table games. You’ll still find all the options you’d expect with a higher-stakes game.

But it’s an ideal choice if you want to try out some new strategies or just have some low-cost fun. Or maybe you’re a bigger budget player who just wants some initially more modest rounds?

Either way, stakes can kick off from just a penny, but rise to satisfy the most determined thrill-seeker. Also, this game pays out at the same rate as regular roulette.


How to play

How to Play Low Stakes European Roulette

In Low Stakes European Roulette, you’ll see the classic, glamorous red and black European roulette wheel that was so popular with, among others, James Bond and is characterised by its single green zero.

Getting started in the game is a doddle. Just choose and click on your chip size before placing your bets. Happy? Then hit Spin and see where the wheel lands.

Choose inside bets on numbers or groups of numbers, or outside wagers such as red or black, odd or even. Or have a flutter on the ball falling between 19 and 36 or 1 to 18, or the first, second, or third 12.

You can also have a flutter on Neighbours bets, where you stake your wager on adjacent numbers on the wheel.

Equally, ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers are also listed. The latter are those which haven’t landed in a while, so you can follow the game’s pattern and decide whether, statistically, a number that hasn’t come up recently is more or less likely to come up again at the next spin.

Bets on offer in Low Stakes European Roulette

  • The bets which pay most are the Straight Up ones, i.e. a single bet on one number, at 35:1
  • A Split bet (i.e. an inside wager on two numbers) pays out at 17:1
  • The trio and Street bets on three numbers payout at 11:1
  • Corner bets (inside bets on four numbers) and similar wagers payout at 8:1

Line bets payout at 5:1, Dozen and Column wagers at 2:1, while there are even-money payouts when it comes to Low/High or Even/Odd bets Red/Black flutters.

Special Features

Bonus Games

As you’ve no doubt come to expect with table games by now, there’s nothing in the way of bonus rounds or progressive jackpots in Low Stakes European Roulette.

Betting Range

There’s a minimum 50p per spot wager, with a maximum of £100 per spot.

Return to Player (RTP)

In Low Stakes Roulette, average theoretical RTP or Return to Player of around a healthy 97.3%, or a house edge of 2.70%, a decent stat for a table game.


While not excluding high rollers, this roulette variant is likely to appeal most to new players or those on a budget. It’s fun, rewarding, and, above all, affordable.

What’s more, you can play with a user-friendly interface and strong levels of encryption for added peace of mind, plus 24/7 customer support constantly on hand. So prepare to spin – and win!

Try Low Stakes European Roulette out for yourself and share your thoughts.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Low Stakes European Roulette online?

Low Stakes European Roulette can be played at the following online Operators: Jackpot.com Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game Low Stakes European Roulette?

Low Stakes European Roulette has been developed by the software provider Proprietary

What type of game is Low Stakes European Roulette?

Low Stakes European Roulette is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Low Stakes European Roulette on?

Low Stakes European Roulette can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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