Potion Shop Bingo
offered by Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

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Bingo Bingo
Bingo variant:
90 ball bingo
Ticket prices:
From 5p
Paddy Power
Play On:
iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile
90-ball, From 9 am daily, Tickets from 5p/c, Stir the Cauldron


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Themes really do catch on in the online bingo world, and so hot on the heels of some other concoction-based games comes Potion Shop at Sky Bingo.

The cauldron and elixir bottle backdrop provides a loose trope for us while we play, but essentially Potion Shop is really just a 90-ball game similar to many other titles available at Sky Bingo.

How to Play 
Potion Shop Bingo

As we’ve mentioned, Potion Shop is a 90-ball game and so those familiar with traditional bingo cards will know exactly what is expected here.

It’s cheap to play at only 5p/c – 20p/c a ticket and is made available from 9 am each day. Sky’s community jackpot is included while the game has its own bonus feature, Stir the Potion, which we have more information on here.


How to play

While similar themes exist, Potion Shop itself is exclusive to Sky Bingo. Lizards and bottles of random mixtures are stewards around the cards on the screen, which themselves are shaped as scrolls.

Potion Shop’s cards change colour as you get nearer to winning a prize, be it one line, two lines or a full house, and at as little as 5p each those cards are very cheap to buy.

You can play just one ticket of course, but to get the most out of the game buying up to 6 is recommended.

The basic rules of 90-ball bingo are followed in the main, numbers 1-90 being called one by one and then marked off your card automatically.

Potion Shop Bingo Bonus Features

There is a progressive jackpot involved at Sky Bingo, so grabbing the Potion Shop full house in 38 calls or less can net you their community jackpot prize. This, as the name would suggest, is split 50/50 between the individual winner and the rest of the room.

The bonus feature here is called ‘Stir the Cauldron’. As every game concludes, participating players are given certain volumes of the potion. Those who can garner 500ml are given a $/£1 bonus, though of course to achieve these several games are needed.

You’ll need to be marking at least six cards for this feature to come in, hence we mentioned buying this amount even though one per player is permissible.

The amount of potion you get is essentially the final number called, multiplied by 0.3, so the higher the eventual winning number the better for all involved.

Return to Player

In terms of the base game, the Return to Player percentage (RTP) tops 80% in Potion Shop. This is in line with other similar 90-ball bingo games.

Your own chances of winning something and going for bonuses, of course, depends on how many tickets you buy, how many games you play and naturally how lucky you happen to be.


Potion Shop is essentially just a 90-ball bingo game, but while there’s nothing new in that the backdrop of corked bottles and lizards is pretty entertaining! Potion Shop is exclusive to Sky Bingo and can be played easily via mobile too.

Game FAQ

Where can I play 
Potion Shop Bingo online?

Potion Shop Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: Bingostars, Gala Bingo, Fever Bingo

Who developed the game 
Potion Shop Bingo?

Potion Shop Bingo has been developed by the software provider Paddy Power

What type of game is 
Potion Shop Bingo?

Potion Shop Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play 
Potion Shop Bingo on?

Potion Shop Bingo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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