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Launched in 2014, Pulse Bingo is a super-speedy, futuristic game providing a heart-racing alternative to standard bingo as excitement mounts and music builds while you play.

It may have a slightly simplistic look, but Pulse Bingo is a source of hours of fun – it’s dynamic and crammed with jackpots. (Indeed, in its first week alone, it created more than 30 jackpot winners.)

You can enjoy Pulse Bingo on the move via most iOS and Android tablets and other mobile devices. Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you can take the fun with you wherever you go!

And with games beginning every 10 seconds or so, you won’t be kept hanging around waiting to join one.

What’s more, because rooms tend to fill up pretty swiftly, there’s always cash in the pot.

What’s more, both this game and the software are exclusive to Tombola.


How to play

Pulse Bingo Features

The way Pulse Bingo works is pretty straightforward. It retains certain elements of classic bingo, but it’s also a little bit different in that it’s a 36-ball game.

  • Every player receives a single card with 12 numbers on it – your goal is to mark them all off.
  • Numbers float around the screen but disappear as they are called.
  • Your bingo card also changes colour as the numbers are ticked off and there are some good sound effects, too – hear the pulse beat as numbers are called, heightening the feelings of tension and anticipation.
  • You’re only allowed one set of numbers per game, which keeps things simple.
  • Click on the room’s name to stop the balls from moving around and keep them static if you wish, and hover over the jackpot to see your target.
  • Equally, you can opt to have the numbers on your virtual card marked off automatically.

As ever there’s also a lobby where you and your bingo room-mates can enjoy a laugh and a bit of banter as you play.

You can wager from as little as 0.10 coins, and, as is generally the way, the more you stake, the greater the prize you stand to win – prizes are multiples of the stake.

Pulse-ating Rooms

Take your pick from nine bingo rooms, each taking 75 players and all of whose names give a clue to the speed of the game – Velocity, Speedy, Spritely, Express, Swift, Flash, Zoom, Lightning and Whoosh. (Bear in mind that not all these rooms are available 24 hours a day.)

Winner Takes All

There are five betting options to choose from – 0.10, 0.25 and 050,1 or 2 coins.

Along with the full-house prizes is a two-tiered jackpot, which you can win in 16 or 19 balls and has a value of up to 20,000 coins.

Return to Player

The Return to Player or RTP (i.e. the percentage of total wins over total stakes played) is right for Pulse Bingo at more than 80% – although bear in mind that this is the average over a number of games and not each time it’s played.

Finally, there’s extra fun every month with the Pulse Bingo Party, which ups the maximum number of players to 90 – prizes are bumped up, too.

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Game FAQ

Where can I play Pulse Bingo online?

Pulse Bingo can be played at the following online Operators: tombola bingo, tombola arcade

Who developed the game Pulse Bingo?

Pulse Bingo has been developed by the software provider Tombola

What type of game is Pulse Bingo?

Pulse Bingo is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Pulse Bingo on?

Pulse Bingo can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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