Single Deck Blackjack
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Casino Casino
Betting limits:
£1 – £1,000
Return to Player (RTP):
Chip values:
£1 – £500
User-friendly, Bet insurance, HD graphics


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Single Deck Blackjack from NetEnt is a hugely popular and enjoyable online version of this classic casino game, which comes in many forms. While some variants use up to half a dozen or even more decks, traditionally the single-deck version is the standard. (Although recently casinos have favoured multi-deck offerings.)

So, look forward to stunning HD graphics, and simple and easy gameplay. there’s also the option to heighten that realistic casino atmosphere with some gentle background piano music.


How to play

How to Play Single Deck Blackjack

Many people think that casino games like blackjack are hard to play. But actually this one is pretty simple.

Firstly, as the name implies, you play Single Deck Blackjack with just one deck of 52 cards. Also, the dealer shuffles the deck ahead of each round. Numbered cards (2 to 10) are worth face value. for instance, Aces are worth 1 or 11, and there are 10 points for a ‘face’ card (Jack, Queen, or King).

Keep your goal in mind from the outset. For instance, players take turns against the dealer, and the aim is to have a hand nearer 21 than they do. Hands of 22 points or higher automatically lose. This is what a ‘bust’ is. However, if you get 21 points (an Ace and a 10-point card) with your first two cards, that’s a blackjack.

After placing your initial bet, before the game kicks off. First, both you and the dealer get two cards.
You’ll then need to decide whether to:

  • Hit and receive an extra card
  • Stand to receive no additional cards – after which it will reveal the result
  • Split to split the cards into separate hands – you can do this up to three times
  • or Double and automatically double your initial bet

After a round, you can either place a new bet or choose to play with your previous wager.

Single Deck Blackjack Special Features

Bonus Games

In keeping with many table-based casino offerings, Single Deck Blackjack doesn’t have any particular bonus games.

Progressive Jackpots

Like most games of its kind, there are no progressive jackpots to be won here.

Bet Limits

Bet limits in this game range from £1 to £1,000.


The dealer initially gets one card facing up, one facing down. When the former is an Ace, you can pay half the sum of your initial bet for insurance, a side bet that the dealer has blackjack which is independent of the main bet and which pays at 2:1.

Return to Player (RTP)

The theoretical RTP in this game is 99.55%, which is staggeringly high, even for a table game. It means that even if you only have a pretty basic grasp of strategy, you can still enjoy this variant – and potentially rake in a tidy profit at the same time.

While multi-deck games often have a slightly higher house edge, you have to offset this against the reduced house payouts for single-deck games.


If you want a fun, exciting and straightforward version of blackjack, with no-nonsense navigation and smooth running, look no further. And, to make life even easier, you can choose the speed you wish to play at.

What’s more, you’ll have the backing of a reputable industry heavy hitter in NetEnt. So give it a go – and let us know how you get on.

Game FAQ

Where can I play Single Deck Blackjack online?

Single Deck Blackjack can be played at the following online Operators: Casino, Pub Casino, Jackie Jackpot

Who developed the game Single Deck Blackjack?

Single Deck Blackjack has been developed by the software provider NetEnt

What type of game is Single Deck Blackjack?

Single Deck Blackjack is categorised as Casino

What devices can I play Single Deck Blackjack on?

Single Deck Blackjack can be played on iOS, Android, Desktop, Mobile


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