Snowball Bingo Blast
offered by Bucky Bingo, MrQ, Double Bubble Bingo

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Bingo Bingo
Bingo variant:
90 ball
Ticket prices:
0.50 to 100
Pragmatic Play
90 ball variant, Play on desktop or mobile, First blast, Second blast


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There are precious few online bingo games that give us the combination of classic 90-ball features while making the play quick – but Snowball Bingo Blast certainly is one!

Bingo Blast is a fascinating concept, one that has great colour and a fast pace. Great for beginners and pros alike, this game allows you to play classic 90-ball bingo around three times faster than usual so there will be no getting bored!


How to play

As we’ve said, the very premise of this game is that it is designed to be quick. With a striking violet background, the game has visually pleasing and the 90 balls can fly by at quick a rate of knots.

There is an easy to find purchase area to get your tickets before the game begins, the price ranging from 0.50 coins right up to 100 coins making this a game for every type of player.

Snowball Bingo Blast Features

When your tickets are bought, the game goes like this:

First Blast

When the ‘first blast’ begins, balls are dotted all over the place. Your own balls appear in orange.

As balls are called, they are checked off automatically and they are replaced on-screen as quickly as possible until the second blast begins.

Second Blast

During the second blast, fewer balls are displayed but they appear on the screen at the same break-neck speed.

The second blast is different to the first in that it is designed to streamline the game for the player, in a way that focuses the brain on certain balls and any of them may be the winning ball.

The second blast continues apace, called numbers from your ticket being automatically taken away until one ball is thrown into the game which blasts all over!

When a single ball is displayed, tickets are shown displaying information on any winning payouts.

As the round approaches its end, the pace actually increases even more which is why automatic marking is a must in Snowball Bingo Blast.

The speed goes up and up until the final winner emerges, making this a great game for those who want quick entertainment but no actual involvement in terms of marking cards.

Snowball Bingo Blast Return to Player

Games such as Snowball Bingo Blast follow a very typical Return to Player format. The RTP here then is the usual 80% – 85%, but this figure comes as an average return for all players across an entire month.

Your own chances of winning will of course vary based on how many tickets you buy and at one price point.


While we all love a traditional 90-ball game, this is the new roaring 20’s and we’re all in a hurry!

Games which promise a fast pace go to the head of the queue, and considering the number of calls potentially needed they really don’t come much quicker than Snowball Bingo Blast, so we love it.

The game can be played via desktop or mobile, the betting range is wide and it is terrifically entertaining!

Game FAQ

Where can I play Snowball Bingo Blast online?

Snowball Bingo Blast can be played at the following online Operators: Bucky Bingo, MrQ, Double Bubble Bingo

Who developed the game Snowball Bingo Blast?

Snowball Bingo Blast has been developed by the software provider Pragmatic Play

What type of game is Snowball Bingo Blast?

Snowball Bingo Blast is categorised as Bingo

What devices can I play Snowball Bingo Blast on?

Snowball Bingo Blast can be played on


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