Online Bingo: Luck or Strategy?

Online Bingo: Luck or Strategy?

Online bingo is an easy game to learn, in fact, in the online age, you really don’t need to know anything. Just let the balls come out at random and your cards will be marked!

Can you actually influence your chances of winning though? Is bingo purely about luck, or can a strategy be employed?

Well, in terms of influencing what balls come out the answer is obvious. But regular bingo players often disagree as to whether or not there is any skill involved at all in gaining more wins online so we thought we’d take a closer look.

Known Bingo Strategies

A couple of bingo ‘strategies’, the name being applied loosely, have been developed down the years but their influence is in question! The Granville Strategy was developed by a mathematician who could successfully predict financial market moves.

Joseph Granville analysed the random nature of bingo calls, combining his knowledge of financial markets with the game. The idea he came up with was to have bingo cards with as big a spread of numbers as possible, leading ultimately to bigger win probabilities. The trouble is, we can’t legislate for what numbers we’ll be given.

The Tippett Strategy, on the other hand, posited that the longer a game went on, the more likely it is that the balls called will be close to the median number, So, in a 90-ball game the number would be 45 and in a 75-ball game, it would be 38.

Again, this is not great for online bingo and we must also remember that the longer a game goes on, it either costs us more or gives someone other than us the chance to win.

Realistic Online Bingo Tips

Frankly, there IS NO WAY to increase the chances of your balls being called before anyone else’s. In reality, any bingo ‘strategy’ really involves common-sense. We can’t influence the balls, so try these things to give yourself more of a chance of success in the longer term:

Pick the Right Time to Play

Early mornings, if you’re available, tend to be really quiet. If there are fewer players in the room and there is a set prize, then surely you have a bigger chance of landing said prize?

Makes sense to us!

If there are 50 players in the room and the prize is £100, why would you chance that when there are £50 prizes available in rooms with less than 10 players? Simply play those numbers instead of the ball, and let the random number generator do the rest.

Buy More Tickets

Be sure to stick to your budget (more below), but where possible buying more tickets will always help. Again, this just makes perfect sense, as we’re playing the numbers here and not the game.

You could of course be lucky enough to win with one bingo card, but buying 2, 10, 20 or even 100 can greatly increase your chances.

Spread Your Numbers

This is not quite the Granville Strategy, but it makes sense to a degree. Some games with certain operators will indeed let you pick your own numbers, so when you’re given the chance to do that you must spread them out as much as possible.

Don’t be tempted to pick ‘lucky’ numbers or birthdays, simply pick numbers from right across the spectrum as over time the computer will do just the same thing when releasing the balls.

Go For 1TG and 2TG Games

The general advice actually is to not play games that reward only one winner. Where’s the fun in that? Instead, go for games with multiple winners and those offering prizes for 1-to-go or 2-to-go are best.

This means that, when you’re left waiting for one or two numbers while someone else claims the full house prize, you are rewarded for getting so close. This naturally increases your win chances, especially when combined with another factor such as picking a quiet room.

Play Extra Chat Games and Claim Bonuses

While of course being aware of any wagering requirements, you should always claim your bingo bonuses. Alongside this, get into the chat rooms and play any side games on offer. As these are usually free, it is simply an extra way to win cash which must be grabbed.

Stick to Your Budget

Whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly one, sticking to a bingo budget is absolutely key. If you’ve won, bank that money as profit instead of increasing your stake. If you’ve lost your budget, stop playing for a while. It really will help you in the long run.

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