English County Cup Matches Betting

English County Cup Matches Betting

The County Cup competitions in England are knockout competitions that are organized by county football associations across the country. There are usually about 70 different cup competitions taking place each season as part of the County Cup event series.

Each of these cups will have their own histories and nuances attached to them. There is often betting available on these County Cup matches for sports betting sites that place a heavy emphasis on football betting.

Read on for our guide to English County Cup Matches Betting.

Background to English County Cup Matches Betting

The organizations for these cup competitions are the local organizational bodies across England, as well as in the Crown dependencies. The county football associations are the grassroots of the sport in the nation. They look after everything from the registration of players and for club administration issues. It also helps with the development of players, management and referees.

The regions governed by each association are usually based off of the boundaries of historic countries. However, there are some associations that will govern multiple counties. In some of the country’s bigger cities, they may have their own football association rather than begin part of a county association.

The first of the football associations to be created was the Sheffield FA in 1867. There are also some institutions that are considered as football associations, such as Oxford and Cambridge universities, the Amateur Football Alliance and the armed forces.

The County Cups

The county cups are organized by these football associations. They take place on the sub-regional level and are knockout competitions, which means that there is always going to be something on the line to play for. Any affiliated members in that given county football association will be eligible to enter the cup competition.

There will usually be different levels to these cups. For example, it is common to see different tiers for senior, intermediate and junior players, as well as women’s leagues and veteran leagues, as well as Senior leagues for different standards.

Along with the county football associations from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the English associations help to organize the Tesco Cup that was a prestigious underage competition for some years.

Here is a list of the main active County Cup competitions that are still taking place:

  • AFA Senior Cup
  • Army FA Challenge Cup
  • Bedfordshire Senior Cup
  • Berks & Bucks Senior Cup
  • Birmingham Senior Cup
  • Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup
  • Cheshire Senior Cup
  • Cornwall Senior Cup
  • Cumberland Senior Cup
  • Derbyshire Senior Cup
  • Devon St Lukes Challenge Cup
  • Dorset Senior Cup
  • Durham Challenge Cup
  • East Riding Senior Cup
  • Essex Senior Cup
  • Gloucestershire Senior Cup
  • Guernsey FA Cup
  • Hampshire Senior Cup
  • Herefordshire Senior Cup
  • Herts Senior Cup
  • Huntingdonshire Senior Cup
  • Isle of Man FA Cup
  • Le Riche Cup
  • Kent Senior Cup
  • Lancashire Senior Cup
  • Leicestershire and Rutland Senior Cup
  • Lincolnshire Senior Cup
  • Liverpool Senior Cup
  • London Senior Cup
  • Manchester Senior Cup
  • Middlesex Senior Cup
  • Norfolk Senior Cup
  • North Riding Senior Cup
  • Northamptonshire Senior Cup
  • Northumberland Senior Cup
  • Nottinghamshire Senior Cup
  • Oxfordshire Senior Cup
  • Royal Air Force FA Cup
  • Royal Navy FA Cup
  • Sheffield and Hallamshire Senior Cup
  • Shropshire Senior Cup
  • Somerset Premier Cup
  • Staffordshire Senior Cup
  • Suffolk Senior Cup
  • Surrey Senior Cup
  • Sussex Senior Challenge Cup
  • Westmorland Senior Challenge Cup
  • West Riding County Cup
  • Wiltshire County FA Senior Cup
  • Worcestershire Senior Cup

Betting on English County Cup matches

If you are looking for ways in which you can bet on English County Cup games, then you may be having some issues. This is because not all operators are going to be offering these types of markets. However, there are certain betting sites that place a large focus on football betting that will support English County Cup games. You can find a list of these leading betting sites on Roger.com.

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