Italian Cup Betting

Italian Cup Betting

The Italian Cup is also known as the Coppa Italia and it has been taking place as competition in the country since 1922. It is always a popular competition for teams across the country and has a lot of history attached to it. This Italian Cup Betting guide looks at the different aspects of this competition and the betting opportunities that exist for it.

Italian Cup Betting & Format

The Italian Cup is a straight knockout tournament that sees the draw for every round being announced before the competition takes place. This means that there will be an open draw after each round like is common with some football cup competitions.

Each of the games will be a single leg, with no double leg fixtures being seen in the early rounds. If there is a draw after 90 minutes there will be a 30 minute period of extra time that takes place. If the game is still a draw after extra time, there will then be a penalty shoot out taking place.

The team that manages to win the Italian Cup will naturally be presented with the competition's trophy as well as get entry into the UEFA Europa League. If this champion already has a place in a European competition, then the Italian Cup spot for the European League will pass to the next best-placed team in the league standings that does not already have European status for the next season.

Eight rounds

In total, there are eight rounds as part of the Italian Cup with the games beginning in August. Generally, it will be the lower-ranked teams that will be battling it out in the early rounds of the competition. Generally, these will be teams that are in Serie C and downwards. There will then be Serie B teams taking part from the second round, with the lower-ranked Serie A teams then joining the competition during the third round.

The top teams will enter the competition in the fourth round that usually takes place in January when there are still 16 sides left in the competition. There are two legs played for the semi-final and for a time there were also two legs taking place for the final. However, this was stopped from the 2007/2008 season onwards. The final takes place every year in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico.

The history of the Cup

  • 1922: The very first Italian Cup was held in 1922, with Vado being crowned as the champion.
  • 1926/1926: The next tournament did not take place until the 1926/1926 season, but this was cancelled after the round of 32.
  • 1942/1943: There was no further tournament until 1942/1943, with the Second World War interrupting the competition for another few seasons.
  • 1958: It was not until 1958 that the Italian Cup got back to normal and has been played every year since then.

Juventus is the team that has achieved the most success to date in the Italian Cup. The side has won the trophy on 13 occasions, having lost the final on six occasions. Next in the rankings is Roma with 9 title wins.

Betting options

Naturally, Italian football is very popular among football fans across the world. These Italian Cup games are broadcast globally to many countries for fans to enjoy. This makes it an ideal competition for betting, as you can easily place your bets and then sit back and watch the action unfold in front of you.

All leading football betting sites are going to have extensive markets for the Italian Cup matches, particularly when it gets to the later rounds of the tournament. There is a lot of attention both for pre-game betting and in-play betting for these Italian Cup matches.

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This means that you can easily see what offers will be a good fit for you and you can take part in the registration process in just a few minutes. Then you can place your Italian Cup bets without any more issues, no matter what types of betting markets you are looking for.

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