Italian Serie B: Everything You Need to Know

Italian Serie B: Everything You Need to Know

Italian football is well-known for its flair and passion. The fans are crazy about their teams and this is reflected in all of the games. While there are some of the best players in the world playing at the top level of Italian football in Serie A, there is a lot more homegrown talent on offer in the Italian Serie B.

This is a great league for the development of younger players, as well as being a great destination for those players who may just be a shade below the level required for the premier league in Italy.

The history of the Italian Serie B

The Italian Serie B has been around since 1929, being under the watchful eye of the Lega Calcio. It was in 2010 that the creation of the Lega Serie B took place, taking over the operation and organization of the league from the 2010/2011 season onwards. There are a number of other names for the Italian Serie B, such as ‘cadetto’ and ‘cadeteria’.

When this league first started officially back in 1929, there were 18 teams taking part. This league continued in its current form until the outbreak of the Second World War. This then saw a divide take place between the teams from the northern and southern parts of the country as a result of the desolation that was taking place as a result of the war.

It was in 1948 that the league once again became an entire country competition. This is when there were 120 teams starting to play in the league every year, with the same number of teams playing in the Italian Serie B today.

There were occasional changes over the years to the number of teams taking part in the league. For example, in the 2003/2004 season, there were 24 teams taking place in the competition, which was the biggest league that there ever was in the history of Italian championship football.

Changes in recent years

In recent years, the Italian Serie B has gone through a number of name changes, varying depending on the sponsors. These sponsors included gambling companies. As of 2018, there is no longer any gambling companies allowed to sponsor sports teams or competitions in the country. This was naturally a big blow for a lot of teams and competitions that heavily relied financially on these types of sponsorship deals.

One of the interesting aspects of the Italian Serie B in recent years was the introduction of a green card during the 2015/2016 season. This card would be given out for acts of fair play after a game to a coach or player who the referee determined to be exhibiting some form of fair play. Whichever coach or player that accumulated the most of these green cards by the close of the season would then receive some sort of reward.

The current format of the Italian Serie B

In its current format, there are three teams that earn promotion to Serie A, the premier league competition in Italian football. There are also four teams that will be relegated down to Serie C.

The two teams that finish at the top of the standings will receive automatic promotion. If the team in 3rd place manages to finish the year at least ten points ahead of the side in 4th place, this team will also receive automatic promotion. If this is not the case, there will be a play-off that takes place.

This play-off series changes from year to year. It depends on how many points the team is within 3rd place. In terms of relegation, there are three teams that will be automatically relegated. Then if there are the next two teams within four points of one another, they will face off in a play-off to determine the final relegated team.

Betting on Italian Serie B

Italians take their football very seriously. While there have been numerous betting scandals to affect the Italian football scene over the years, matters seem to be a lot better these days. There are many different betting options for these Italian Serie B games. This means that you can add an extra ounce of excitement when it comes time to placing bets and watching these matches.

Most major sports betting operators will have markets for all of the given Italian Serie B in a given week. A lot of these operators will even allow you to watch these games via live streams if you have placed a wager on the game. Bet now at

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