Jamaican Premier League Betting

Jamaican Premier League Betting

The National Premier League is the main domestic football league in Jamaica. It has been sponsored by a number of different companies over the years leading to various name changes.

The league is reserved for professional men's teams in the country, with a dozen teams taking part each year. It has been taking place since 1973 and it has been growing in popularity in more recent years.

Read on for a guide to Jamaican Premier League Betting.

History of Jamaican Premier League Betting

The National Premier League was originally created in 1973. Founded as a way for the best professional football teams to have an organized league competition annually.

Over the course of the league, the Caribbean champions have come from the Jamaican National Premier League three times. This was Portmore United in 2005 and Harbour View in 2004 and 2007. The team that has won the National Premier League on most occasions is Portmore United. They have been crowned as champion on seven separate occasions.

Format of the National Premier League

There are 12 teams in total that are a part of the National Premier League each season. There are three different stages as part of this competition. Every club will play each other once in each of these stages.

After each team has played 33 games over three stages, the teams are divided into two groups. These groups will be created from the total points the teas have gathered during the course of the season. There will then be the fourth round of matches. The leading six teams will be fighting it out to be crowned as the ultimate champion, while the other six teams will be playing to try to avoid relegation.

The two teams that finish worst will then be relegated from the National Premier League and play in the second division. There will be two teams promoted via the second division regional playoffs into the National Premier League.

The two best finishing teams each season will gain entry into the CFU Club Championship. This is a regional tournament that takes place in the spring. The only way for a team in Jamaica to get to the CONCACAF League or the CONCACAF Champions League is to finish in the top four places of the CFU Club Championship.

The Makeup of the National Premier League

There are always a lot of top prospects from Jamaica that play in the National Premier League to develop their skills and hopefully attract the attention of international scouts. Many players have gone onto bigger and better things with leading competitions and clubs across the world.

There is always a heavy presence of Kingston clubs in the National Premier League, usually accounting for more than half of the dozen teams in the top division. The competition has been pretty evenly matched over the years with no one club dominating over all others. If you look at the list of champions, there is a fairly even spread across the board for different clubs.

Betting on the National Premier League

If you are looking to get involved with some Jamaican Premier League betting, there are a few different ways you can go about doing so. While not every operator is going to cater to domestic football games in Jamaica, many of the leading football bookmakers will have you covered. These quality offerings have been reviewed by a team of experts at Roger.com.

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