Crazy Pachinko Live: A New Live Dealer Slot Game from Evolution

Crazy Pachinko Live: A New Live Dealer Slot Game from Evolution

Evolution Gaming pushes the boundaries of live casino experiences with their latest creation, Crazy Pachinko Live. This innovative title seamlessly merges the familiar thrill of slots with the dynamic energy of a live game show, offering an engaging and potentially lucrative adventure for you.

Crazy Pachinko Live takes you on a captivating journey that starts with a slot phase and culminates in a thrilling live Pachinko Bonus round. In the initial slot phase, you spin through a 5×3 grid with 10 win lines, aiming to collect three scatter symbols in a single spin.

This unlocks the door to the live Pachinko Bonus round, hosted by a real game show host and featuring a virtual Pachinko wall brimming with excitement.

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The two-part slot journey of Crazy Pachinko Live

  • Qualification Phase: This initial stage offers a familiar slot experience. You spin the reels, hoping to land three scatter symbols. The presence of Sticky Scatters adds a layer of excitement. These unique symbols slide down one row with each spin, giving you a second chance to land the coveted combination before disappearing from the bottom row.

To expedite the qualification process, you can choose between different spin modes. The standard Normal Spin offers a balanced approach. The XXXtreme Spin mode guarantees one scatter symbol per spin but comes at the cost of a higher bet amount.

Finally, the Feature Buy option allows you to bypass the Qualification phase altogether and jump straight into the live Pachinko Bonus round for an instant dose of live game show action.

  • Top-Up Phase (Optional): After successfully qualifying for the live Pachinko Bonus round, you are presented with an optional Top-Up phase. This stage offers the chance to further enhance your potential winnings by boosting your multipliers. It features a unique 16-reel slot, where each reel spins independently. The values shown on the reels determine the additional multipliers you can collect. Choosing a higher bet amount in this phase increases the potential value of the multipliers available.

The live Pachinko bonus round: Where the ‘Crazy' happens

The live Pachinko Bonus round is where the real excitement unfolds. Here's what you can expect:

  • The Host Takes Centre Stage: A dedicated game show host guides you through the round, adding a layer of personality and excitement to the experience.
  • The Pachinko Wall: This virtual wall, adorned with 16 zones, sits at the heart of the action. It holds the key to determining the final multiplier, which will be applied to your bet to calculate the total payout.
  • The Puck Drop: The host drops a puck onto the Pachinko wall, adding a touch of suspense to the proceedings.
  • Multiplier Mayhem: The puck lands in one of the 16 zones, revealing a random multiplier ranging from 10x to 200x. This multiplier is added to any multipliers accumulated during the previous phases (Scatter and Top-Up).
  • Double or Nothing: The “DOUBLE” zone adds another layer of excitement. If the puck lands there, all multipliers are doubled, and the puck is re-dropped, granting you the chance to multiply your potential winnings even further.

Crazy Pachinko Live Screen Shot

Crazy Pachinko Live Screen Shot

Crazy Pachinko Live Screen Shot

Crazy Pachinko Live Screen Shot

Crazy Pachinko Live extra features

Crazy Pachinko offers a plethora of features to enhance your experience:

  • Chat Window: You can interact with the host and other players, adding a social element to the game.
  • Bet Limits: You can adjust your bet size to suit your playing style and comfort level.
  • Information Hub: Easily access the game rules, payout information, and win lines through a dedicated information icon or the Help section.

Payouts and return to player (RTP):

  • Win lines formed during the Qualification slot phase are paid out immediately.
  • The payout for the Pachinko Bonus round is calculated by multiplying the final multiplier (combined Scatter, Top-Up, and Pachinko multipliers) with your base bet.
  • The game has a maximum payout of £500,000, ensuring even the most daring players have the potential for sizeable wins.
  • The optimal theoretical Return to Player (RTP) for Normal Spin is 96.04%, with slightly lower RTPs for Top Up and other bet variations.
  • Min Stake, 10p Min RTP% 95.01

Crazy Pachinko: A thrilling conclusion:

Whilst Crazy Pachinko Live by Evolution Gaming borrows the Pachinko concept, it's primarily a live casino game show with slot machine and multiplier elements, making it quite different from traditional Japanese Pachinko.

The game offers captivating visuals, exciting gameplay mechanics, and the potential for substantial rewards, making it a compelling choice for you seeking entertainment and the chance to win big.

So, buckle up, prepare for the thrill of the puck drop, and embark on your own Crazy Pachinko adventure!

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