How the Taylor Swift Effect Is Boosting the NFL

How the Taylor Swift Effect Is Boosting the NFL

In the entertainment sphere, there are stars and then there are megastars. Performers who not only capture the cultural zeitgeist but also amass legions of devoted followers.

Amongst these, Taylor Swift stands out as one of the most influential figures currently.

Taylor Swift's popularity and her effect on the NFL

In the world of entertainment there are stars – and there are megastars. Performers who seem to have perfectly hit the zeitgeist and who have developed armies of devoted fans. In the latter category one of the biggest names of the moment has to be Taylor Swift.

Fantastically popular, everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Thanks to her record-breaking Eras tour in Spring 2024 she made it up to billionaire status on the famous Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

Even the movie version of the show has become the most successful concert picture ever screened.

Besides her huge wealth and equally enormous talent, who she’s dating has also generated almost as much interest – and the list is a long one.

Former partners have included Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal but it’s her current one that has been making all the headlines.

👉 As early as June 2023 stories were circulating that Travis Kelce was trying to get together with the singer having been to one of her concerts in New York.

Then, when she first appeared at a Kansas City Chiefs game in September accompanied by Travis Kelce’s mother, rumours of her relationship with the tight end were finally confirmed.

Cynics may have suggested that this may be a PR-driven relationship, but it certainly seems to be genuine as well as having many beneficial effects for the NFL.

Bringing in the female fans to NFL

It's reported that an impressive 4.35 million people have secured tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras tour, with countless others unable to obtain them.

  • Eras Tour Popularity: Approximately 4.35 million tickets sold for Taylor Swift's Eras tour, with many fans unable to secure tickets.
  • Swiftie Demographics: Predominantly teenage girls and women in their twenties, a group previously showing minimal interest in the NFL.
  • Increasing NFL Viewership: Swift's attendance at NFL games to support Travis Kelce and the Chiefs has led to a significant increase in female viewership:
  • Teenage Viewers: 53% increase in teenage girls watching NFL games.
  • Young Adult Viewers: 24% increase among women aged 18 to 24.
  • Viewer Motivations: While many are initially drawn to see what Swift wears rather than the game itself, their viewership is highly valued by advertisers and sponsors.

A big boost to the Superbowl

Anyone watching this year’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers can’t have failed to notice that many more ads than usual were aimed at a female audience, for example for cosmetics companies.

👀 This reflects the growing number of female viewers, arguably attracted by the presence of Swift at the event which also, coincidentally, hit a record total number of armchair fans with around 124 million watching the action.

This also had a very good knock-on effect for betting with a total of $185.6 million wagered according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board – a figure probably also boosted by the game taking place in the State’s Allegiant Stadium.

Going social

Social media is now one of the most important forms of communication that the NFL, and players within the game, have with fans and there’s the obvious appeal of enlisting some of Swift’s fans too.

After all, she has 281 million of them worldwide on Instagram alone, almost ten times as many as the NFL’s 29 million. There are definite signs that many are now also following the league.

As for Kelce’s personal account, he’s put on almost 400,000 new followers since he started dating the star.

Merch madness

In all, it’s been estimated that the arrival of Swift on the scene has accounted for a buying frenzy for replicas of the number 87 shirt that Kelce wears  – to the tune of a 400% increase.

💰 It’s also helped drive up sales of the whole range of both his and Kansas City Chiefs’ merchandise.

Swift has also carved out her own corner of this ever since she was spotted wearing a Kelce jacket that had been specifically designed for her by Kristin Juszczyk, wife of the team’s full back Kyle.

Chiefs in Charge

While many Swifties are content to see what the singer’s wearing to games by watching at home others want to grab their slender chance of seeing her in person. This means that demand is at an all-time high for Chiefs’ games.

🏈 Ticket agencies have reported that they have been able to command increases in prices of 40% or more and still sell out quickly.

It may also be that the relationship between Swift and Kelce has reinvigorated his own performance on the field. Since first dating her he’s enjoyed a very good season including 23 passes and three touchdowns.

So long may the Swift/Kelce romance continue – and the NFL will owe them a pretty big wedding present if they do eventually make it down the aisle!

Travis Kelce's Team Wins The Superbowl


The Taylor Swift Effect is markedly boosting NFL viewership, especially among women, due to her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

  • Swift's presence at NFL games has significantly increased female viewership, with advertisers adjusting their strategies to target this growing demographic.
  • Social media interactions and merchandise sales have also surged, with Kelce gaining followers and Swift-themed merchandise flying off shelves.
  • This relationship not only enhances Kelce's performance but also spikes ticket demand for Chiefs' games.
  • Swift's influence has thus extended beyond music, making her a valuable asset to the NFL’s audience expansion and commercial success.
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